Davis Koch: Okanagan Hockey Academy – WHL Draft Prospect


Koch is a speedy forward who creates a majority of his offense off the rush and by beating opponents off the wall to the net. He is expected to put up a lot of the points for Okanagan this year, and will have to face the opposition’s best

defensemen every game.[sociallocker]

Quite simply, Davis Koch will not put up points unless if he moves his feet. He is undersized, and not superbly skilled to make good opponents look silly and create lanes to attack. He will surely be matched up against the other team’s top players who knows how to play defense and use their bodies effectively, so Koch will have to take advantage of his skating abilities. He is good at protecting the puck around the wall and is able to spin off of defenders who are too busy trying to keep up with him going in one direction. He has good vision and time and time again finds his line mate Beck Malenstyn wide open by the net and hits him with good passes consistently. He has a tendency to try to force plays and has to find more simple alternatives if the pass is not there. Koch is very good out on the open ice and accelerates quickly to try to skate past oppositions. He has the ability to finish off odd man opportunities and was able to get a shot off with an opponent all over his back.

Defensively, Koch needs to pay attention to his play without the puck, and be in the right positions. Time and time again, opposing defensemen have a clear shooting lane because he is too aggressive trying to take the puck away from the half wall. He needs to realize that the players he will face out on the ice are most likely the other team’s best offensive players, and his play in the defensive zone is important to get the puck back and get the attack started for his team. With his speed, if he is able to improve his anticipation and can create more turnovers, he could catch the other team on a counter attack and have more chances to score.

Koch is a bit of a one trick pony at this time, and has to purely rely on his speed to be productive. If he can grow a few inches and be harder to play against, he will be a dangerous threat at the junior level. At the present time, he needs to work on his stickhandling more, and get opponents chasing him often.