Dante Fabbro: Burnaby Winter Club – WHL Draft


DANTE FABBRO (Burnaby Winter Club)


A big, physical defenseman who is the complete package at this time. Fabbro can skate, move the puck, shoot, hit and read the game at a high level.

Fabbro is always matched up against the top forwards of the opponents, and shuts them down quite well. He is a good skater who can keep up with anybody, and uses his stick and body to keep them to the outside. He is always looking to dish out…

[sociallocker] hits, and opponents always have to keep their head up wherever they are on the ice. Fabbro reads the play well, and is able to cover for his teammates’ mistakes. He covers a large part of the ice with his intelligence, and rarely allows opponents to have a good scoring chance from the slot and around the net. He will not back down from anybody, and is more than willing to take hits to make plays.

Offensively, Fabbro is very poised with the puck, and has a rocket for a slap shot. He confidently spins away from the forecheck, buying himself some time and dishes it out tape to tape on a stretch pass regularly. If the pass is not there, he carries it out down the wing and looks very confident in doing so. Burnaby’s power play is based around Fabbro and his shot. They try to open up a shooting lane for him up high, and set him up for a one timer. He knocked out a few brave opponents from the game who had the courage to try to block his shots. If there was one improvement he could make, is his stickhandling abilities. He has average hands and relies more on his skating to move with the puck.

Fabbro is a can’t miss prospect for the 2013 WHL Bantam Draft. He looks to be about 5’10-5’11 tall, so he will need to grow a few more inches to be able to play the type of game he currently does at the bantam level. It is rare to have a defenseman who could play so well in all aspects of the game at his age. It will be interesting to see just what kind of improvements he could make in his game in the future, and how he will adjust to bigger and faster players in the junior ranks [/sociallocker]