Beck Malenstyn : Okanagan Hockey Academy- WHL Draft Prospect


Beck Malenstyn is a big forward who has been a consistent offensive force for Okanagan. He makes good things happen when he moves his feet and uses his body to protect the puck.


Malenstyn does not possess any elite level skill, but does everything well. He will not amaze anybody with fancy moves or overwhelm defenders with his speed or strength, but uses a combination of different aspects to his game to put up points. He is only successful if he is using his size, because he cannot deke through defenders or blow past them with his speed. He has an above average shot that he likes to use off the walls. Malenstyn has good hands in  front of the net, and is quickly able to settle down a rebound and score on the next chance. Time and time again he was able to show off some good hand eye coordination and tip point shots.

Defensively, Malenstyn is responsible in his own end. He uses his body to his advantage and is able to box out opponents and be effective around the slot. He is also good around the boards and takes players out of the play with good hits. He also showed some moments where he could be a good open ice hitter. He lined up opponents well, but only if he had considerable time to do so. He could not adjust his lanes properly if he saw an opportunity. Things had to fall perfectly into place for him to land a big open ice hit.

Beck could be compared to Ryan Smyth or Tomas Holmstrom in terms of their style of play. Not very skilled, but very good around the net. How effective he will be at a higher level of competition is a big question mark surrounding him and his game. If he develops his speed and hands more, he could be compared to Pursuit of Excellence’s Kody McDonald. As of now, he looks more like a 3rd line forward who can contribute some offense at the odd times and be a net presence on the power play. [/sociallocker]