Kody McDonald : Pursuit of Excellence – WHL Draft Prospect

Kody McDonald is a big, skilled forward who loves to use his very impressive speed to drive to the net and cause havoc for opponents. He is very dangerous with the puck, and keeps opponents on their toes with his wide variety of methods of attack.

It is tough to stop McDonald when he is streaking down the wing and lowers his shoulders and makes a move to the net. Not many…

[sociallocker] defenders at the bantam level are big or fast enough to be able to stop him. When opponents think they have him figured out and cheat to the outside, McDonald takes advantage of it and quickly drives the middle and gets a partial break. He possesses a laser beam of a wrist shot and can catch goaltenders off guard with the velocity and his quick release. Along the boards, it is tough to take the puck away from him. He is very strong, and very deceptive along the boards that defenders have a hard time staying with him. McDonald also has underrated vision. Time and time again, he sets up his teammates in a great position to score with quick and accurate passes. He reads the play so quickly and  exposes any holes he sees in the defense.

Defensively, McDonald loves to lower his shoulders and land some big hits. He uses his size and reach to his advantage to poke pucks away from opponents and quickly get the attack going the other way. He is not afraid to block shots, and covers the point man quite well. He likes to take gambles and tries to pick off passes, but was rarely successful, and was caught overcommitting at times.

Like many of the question marks surrounding other WHL Bantam Draft prospects, it remains to be seen as to how well Kody McDonald could adjust his game to deal with players of better calibre. He will not always be able to drive to the net with ease as he currently does now, nor catch many goaltenders by surprise with his wrist shots. He needs to be able to get stronger, and continue to be a smarter player to stay one step ahead of the competition as he currently seems to be at the bantam level. [/sociallocker]