Don Mills Flyers vs. Ottawa 67’s Toronto Titans Early Bird Tournament September 5, 2013

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September 5, 2013, Don Mills Flyers vs. Ottawa 67’s Toronto Titans Early Bird Tournament

DMF #1 G LaFontaine, Jack – Extremely poised and consistently well positioned. He displays good side to side movement and directs rebounds away from the slot very well.

DMF #2 RD Smith, Jeremy – Jeremy put his skating on display early rushing the puck very well evading checkers very well. At one point… he made a great play one on one to beat the defender but then hit the post. Instead of getting caught up with his close chance he immediately found good positioning and got himself open for a big one timer where he displayed a very powerful shot. On one rush he held onto the puck a little too long and got hit very hard. He was strong in one on one situations showing a good stick in these match-up’s, sticks with his man well and works hard to win battles. He displays a great physical element and competed hard on the wall and finished on a few big hits; built solid. Jeremy earned the first assist on two of Don Mills’ goals.

DMF #19 FW Commisso, Dom – Displayed good speed and strong puck protection to score Don Mills’ second goal of the game. He then utilized his wrist shot to score the Flyers’ third goal of the game.

DMF #77 LD Ferraro, Mario – Ferraro displays good mobility on the point to open himself up then fired a shot top blocker for Don Mills’ first goal of the game. Ferraro consistently displayed great skating ability and used it to his advantage throughout the game.

DMF #94 FW LaFontaine, Drake (2015) – Drake provided a strong forecheck for his team and used his size along the wall effectively to win battles. LaFontaine left the game with a knee injury.

O67 #4 FW Way, Alexandre – Alexandre was very noticeable on the penalty kill. He took the puck up ice with good speed and created a scoring chance. He then got the puck back and skated back using his strong footwork to kill off a bunch of time from the penalty ill. He also used his speed to rush the puck end to end evading checkers.vGood physical battle along the wall despite a lack of size to win battles he normally wouldn’t.

O67 #5 LD Ramalho, Jacob – Played a physical game and delivered a massive open ice hit in this game. He battled hard in the crease and with his team down took a blatant punch to the face to draw a power play for his team.

O67 #11 FW Larcher, Joey – Despite not being the biggest guy on the ice, Joey showed a great deal of tenacity and physicality landing a few big open ice hits and consistently delivered hard hits whenever the opportunity presented itself. Joey was great on the penalty kill providing great positional play and getting into passing/shooting lanes. Joey showed his ability to finish offensively scoring Ottawa’s third goal.

O67 #12 FW Reynolds, Keenan – Finished quickly on a set up for first goal of the game. He has good size and protects the puck very well driving hard to the net. He gets open in scoring areas and displays great positioning. While he looked strong with the puck throughout the game, he also moved the puck very effectively all game long helping his team advance the play offensively.

O67 #14 FW Bitten, William – William displayed his strong skating ability and protected the puck well in traffic. He displayed good patience with the puck and moved the puck effectively and confidently on the power play. He stayed on the perimeter quite a bit in the game when he didn’t have possession of the puck not engaging in battles or pressuring the puck carrier enough.

O67 #16 RD Aimers, Patrick – Patrick uses his size very effectively along the wall. He played a very physicasl game finishing his checks.

O67 #19 LD Vivash, Etienne – Vivash did very well in one on one match-ups throughout this game. He handles forwards effectively on the rush using both his body and his stick to make the play. Showed good hands with the puck and moves fairly well.

O67 #20 LD Giordano, Andre – Giordano made some big physical plays landing some hard hits and competed very well along the wall despite his small size. He made a good pinch from the point to score Ottawa’s third goal of the game off a strong one timer.

O67 #22 FW Carter, Cole – Cole displayed good passing ability in this game setting up Ottawa’s first goal of the game then later on made a very smart paqss up ice for Ottawa’s third goal of the game.

Final Score: Don Mills Flyers: 6 – Ottawa Jr. 67’s: 4