Eric Roy – Brandon Wheat Kings – 2013 NHL Draft

Another skilled 17 year old defenseman with the Wheat Kings. He has a good skill set, and is very adept in both ends of the

ice like Pulock, but is not as polished as his game.

Roy moves the puck very well. He has great vision and always has his head up with the puck. He does not like to throw it away, but likes to make plays as much as he can. Roy displays a high level of poise, espe-cially on the PP where he is a difference maker for the Wheat Kings. He pinches at the right moments and is a threat on the rush. He drives the net well and is good at creating chances even without the puck on his stick. He has a very good shot, but needs to improve on hitting the net and being more selective. He has a tendency to shoot without thinking at times.

Defensively, Eric Roy is good, but can improve his play. The little details get him into trouble, and while he can recover from those mistakes, it will be harder to do so as a pro where opponents are at a much higher level. He likes to assert himself physically, but does over do it occasionally and get caught, espe-cially in the neutral zone. He does not have the speed to quickly come back and cover up his own mis-takes. Roy will do better by showing more patience and let the play come to him instead of trying to dic-tate everything. Another improvement he needs to make is blocking shots. He has a tendency to turn his body away when the opposition is taking a shot.