Ayrton Nikkel – Brandon Wheat Kings – 2013 NHL Draft

A pure defensive defenseman. Nikkel is a 2013 eligible defenseman who still has a lot of time to

develop and improve his overall game.  Offensively, Nikkel does not have good instinct to make a difference. He moves the puck quickly in the offensive zone, and fails to take a look at the situation to make the right play. It is either down the boards or a shot on net even when he has a lot of time and ice to create something. He has an average shot, and needs to improve on it.

The d-zone is where Nikkel is most comfortable. He looks confident without the puck and has good posi-tioning. He does a good job around the boards and has good footwork. Nikkel does need to improve on little details while playing defense like stick positioning. He leaves lanes opens, which can turn into dan-gerous chances for the other team.

Another area of improvement would be his skating. While his stops and starts are good, his overall speed must get better. He has a tendency of getting beat wide and creates partial breaks for the other team.