J.T. Compher – USNTDP – 2013 NHL Draft

Every year the U.S. National Development Program produces a number of solid prospects. This year, J.T. Compher leads this class into the 2013 NHL Entry Draft. We have been

blown away with the play of Compher throughout this season at many different events, ranging from the U18’s to USHL league play. J.T. is an outstanding skater. He generates great speed, very quickly showing good acceleration and agility. He is very smart with the puck and is extremely dangerous in the offensive zone. No one in the pro-gram creates more scoring chances than Compher and for the most part it is not even close. He is also an excellent passer and has a quick, deceptive release to his shot that makes him a threat in a few different ways.

He has a great habit of forcing the opposition to turn the puck over. If he gets a little open space even for a second, he is gone and he makes the opposition pay, showing off great moves on the break. J.T. contributes defensively using his speed to get back into position, and breaks up plays, closing in on the opposition quickly and forcing them to make mistakes. He is also willing to block shots at will. Compher is a player who really plays well in every area of the game and does not get enough credit at this point. J.T. has a great opportunity to be one of the top Americans selected in the 2013 NHL Entry Draft and already at 16 years old is a pretty complete player.