Lambton Jr. Sting vs. Hamilton Huskies, Sept 26, 2014

Alliance Face-off – Round Robin

LAM # 97 F Wilson, Fraser – Fraser is a big winger who has power forward potential. He showed good hands 1 on 1 as he used the defenseman as a screen on a couple of occasions. He also had a good hard shot to back it up. Fraser has the size but needs to play a more physical game to become more effective for his team.
LAM #33 F Rannie, Cameron – Cameron has good size and toughness as it was on display against Hamilton. He showed very good hockey IQ as he was in good position all game and was rewarded with some scoring chances early on. Cameron tried to make a couple high risk passes when he had the opportunity to get a quality shot on goal.
LAM #5 F Hunt, Matt – Matt is a big winger with some upside. He played a good game positionally but needs to work on his hands to be more of an offensive threat.
LAM #20 F Barraclough, Josh – Josh is a big winger who has some nifty hands and a good quick release. He made a very nice play to one touch a pass he received in the hash marks to his teammate who was sitting alone backdoor. His offensive-minded game hurts him sometimes as he was caught leaving his defensive zone early.

HAM #55 D Scanlin, Brandon – Brandon used his size and toughness a lot in this game as he was a physical force. He also showed that he has a hard and accurate first pass out of the zone and on most occasions made the simple play.
HAM #21 D Davis, Hayden – Hayden made it look easy in this game. He showed exceptional patients with the puck and made some very good stretch passes to create scoring chances for his teammates. He can rush the puck with ease and has a very hard and accurate snap shot.
HAM #17 D Durajija, Nick – Nick has a very high compete level and he rarely lost a battle for the puck. He has good size but his skating could use some improvements.
HAM #74 F Shannon, Marc – Marc is a talented play maker who looked to use his teammates a little too much in this game. He had good opportunities to take the puck to the net or have a quality shot on goal but chose to make some high risk passes instead. Although he did show some excellent passing on a nice cross crease pass that lead to a goal. Marc also won over 70% of his face-offs in this contest.
HAM #11 F Nurse, Isaac – Isaac is a very tough and physical winger for Hamilton. He showed all night that he is willing to throw the body and isn’t afraid to go into the dirty areas. Isaac did a good job taking the puck wide and using his strength to drive the net twice in this game. If he could be more consistent with his play shift to shift he could be a very dominant player.
HAM #76 F Powell, Maliek – A really good skater who plays a good defensive game. Maliek stood out for his work on the PK in this game. He wasn’t afraid to block a shot for his team and he created offense by putting pressure on the opposing defencemen.