Max Gildon: Dallas Jr. Stars – WHL Draft Prospect


Gildon is a smooth puck moving defenseman who is by far the best defender for the Jr. Stars this season. He is able to play in both ends of the ice effectively, and give opponents a tough time whether they are trying to stop him from rushing the puck, or trying to get away from him in the offensive zone.


It is difficult to find 14 year old defensemen who are as poised with the puck as Max Gildon is. He never throws the puck away, but uses his very good skating and stickhandling abilities to elude forechecks and create some time for himself to make a decision. If he has space and time, he will skate with the puck and allow the Stars to attack with 4 players quickly. If he sees a good opportunity to pass the puck and stretch the play, he can easily do that with a tape to tape pass. In the offensive zone, he could act like a rover and create mismatches all over the ice. He would come down to a soft area of coverage in the slot and get a good shot off often. He possesses an average slap shot, and will definitely need to improve on it to be a threat to put up points for his team.

Defensively, Gildon’s skating allows him to recover if he or his teammates make a bad play in the neutral zone. He is rarely ever out of the picture completely. He is good along the boards, and tries to play a physical game. He will definitely need to get stronger to be more effective with his body, especially at the higher levels. Gildon does have a tendency to gamble on a play and try to take away passes, and create some holes in the slot if he does miss. When he plays against a team that have smart players, they will surely take advantage of it and quickly score.

Teams can never have enough puck moving defensemen in the line up, which makes Max Gildon such an attractive option for WHL teams. His level of poise is quite impressive, and it will fun to watch him try to put his skills to use at the junior level.