NHL Draft: Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds at Sarnia Sting, Dec 9th 2012

December 9, 2012, Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds @ Sarnia Sting (OHL)


SOO #3 RD Ganly, Tyler (2013) – Tyler’s puck play has absolutely come miles since the start of the season. He shows great patience and seems to make the smart play every time. He can get up the ice decently well for a big guy. Ganly showed a willingness on more than one occasion to stand up for his teammates. Ganly will be moving up the draft ranks with play like what we saw today combined with his size and willingness to use it.

[sociallocker] SOO #13 RW Schiller, Landon (2013) – Schiller was overly aggressive a few times early on in the game, which resulted in him sitting in the penalty box and his team killing his penalty. He made up for it, in a way, when he refused to fight a 16 year old forward who eventually forced Schiller into a fight after Landon hit a Sarnia player from behind. This somewhat made up for his undisciplined penalty earlier on. But where Ganly was more than willing to stand up for his teammates, Schiller did the opposite in this game despite both having good size.

SOO #19 LC McCann, Jared (2014) – McCann seems to stalk the slot area almost like a predator waiting for the right time to jump into position and get the scoring chance. His positional awareness in general is extremely impressive and is indicative of his great hockey sense. He has an absolute cannon of a shot although at times he seems to prefer passing over shooting. In general Jared turned the puck over too much in this game, some of which resulted in scoring chances against.

SOO #20 RW Mallette, Trent (2014) – Trent slips in and out of traffic very effectively due to his small size and strong agility. Trent went right to the net and banged home a rebound to tie the game up in the first period.

SOO #25 LD Nurse, Darnell (2013) – Nurse had the undesirable task of taking on Alex Galchenyuk most of the game. He used his stick a lot when matched up against #94 but gave him plenty of space to maneuver and generally didn’t take the body on him in this match-up. At one point he actually had to trip up Galchenyuk to stop him. He was much more physical 1 on 1 against other players for the Sting. He was aggressive and worked well along the boards all game long. He made plenty of smart passes up the ice. He is a good skater who has impressive mobility for his size, but isn’t quite as smooth skating backwards at times. Darnell with smart with the puck all game long and was equally effective in the offensive and defensive zones.

SOO #27 LC Cousins, Nick (Philadelphia) – Nick usually does a great job of agitating the opposition and helping his team offensively. However today he was more focused on trying to blatantly sell penalties and embellishing rather than being an effective contributor to his team. This game was close right into the final 5 minutes or so of this game. So Nick showing off his offense rather than the display he was putting on could have made all the difference in this game.

SOO #28 RW Tolchinsky, Sergey (2013) – Tolchinsky showed tremendous speed, but really didn’t do too much in this game. You can see the skill and elusiveness but he was neutralized regularly and couldn’t really get anything going.

SOO #30 G Murray, Matthew (Pittsburgh) – This was probably the best game I’ve ever seen Matt Murray play. He was the reason his team was in the game up until the final five minutes or so. He was strong positionally, not the quickest but always where he needs to be and reset himself well. He has above average quickness and glove hand. His rebound control was a real struggle in this game, but it fortunately didn’t hurt him as much as it has in the past. This will be the key to his development. Not only trying to limit the rebounds, but directing them into non threatening areas. He made several spectacular saves in this game.

SAR #2 RD Chapman, Joshua (2013) – Chapman was on his best on what was basically a six minute penalty kill. He made several great plays to break up Greyhound scoring chances and keep the game tied.

SAR #15 Brown, Davis (2013) – Davis worked hard all game long and was rewarded late in the third period when he got the puck and fired an absolute laser to make it 4-1. While he’s not the biggest guy on the ice, he’s got one of the most powerful shots on the team.

SAR #71 RW Goldobin, Nikolay (2014) – Nikolay can thread passes through such small areas and his vision is nothing short of exceptional. He made a great pass to set up the first goal of the game for Sarnia.

SAR #77 RD DeAngelo, Anthony (2014) – Anthony lost his temper yet again early on in this game. He tried to fight someone who has a few more scraps on his fight card. Anthony got turned down on his invitation but wouldn’t let it go which resulted in a 10 minute misconduct. He let the opposition get under his skin too easily and became focused on his own personal agenda instead of what was best for the team. DeAngelo was about par for the course when it comes to turnovers. There were plenty but he forced about as many turnovers for his team, as he did turning it over to the opposition.

SAR #94 LC Galchenyuk, Alex (Montreal) – Galchenyuk was very dangerous today creating chances every time he stepped onto the ice. Less than two minute after Sarnia made it 2-1 he absolutely turned Alex Gudbranson inside out and fired a laser past Murray. This gave Sarnia a 3-1 lead and was really the backbreaker for the SOO with less than 7 minutes left.

Scouts Notes: A very tightly contested Sunday afternoon match-up between Sault Ste. Marie and Sarnia opened up with both teams registering chances, but it was Daniel Nikandrov (2013) who drove hard to the net, receiving a great pass from Nikolay Goldobin (2014) to score the Teddy Bear Toss goal and giving Sarnia a 1-0 lead. After Trent Mallette (2014) tied the game up moments later it was Matthew Murray (Pittsburgh) who took over the next 40 or so minutes of the game. Making several spectacular saves Murray kept the Greyhounds in it until the final 10 minutes. Nick Halagian (2013) took an undisciplined penalty which initiated Sarnia’s breakthrough of three goals in six minutes en route to a 4-1 Sarnia win. [/sociallocker]