NHL Draft: Vancouver Giants vs. Kelowna Rockets Jan 12, 2013

    Jan 12, 2013,Vancouver Giants vs. Kelowna Rockets

    VAN#8 LD, Morrison, Tyler(2014) Played a good game for Vancouver today. Received limited minutes on the third pairing, but Morrison showed some good hockey sense throughout the game to jump into the play and join the rush a number of times. A decent skater who will need to work on all areas of his mobility to compensate for his smaller stature. Also needs to work on all areas of his defensive game…

    [sociallocker]Not very strong along the boards or in front of the net. He also looked nervous out on the ice, mishandling the puck a couple of times and taking too long to do something with the puck. Made a few bad outlet passes as well.

    VAN#27 RW, Houck, Jackson(2013) Had a good productive game offensively tonight. Was moved from the half wall to the front of the net on the power play and looked so much more comfortable. Scored two goals by banging home rebounds. Was more energized and used his physical game to his advantage. Skating is still a bit of an issue and is not a elite offensive player by any means, but got his job done tonight with hustle .

    VAN#44 LD, Geertsen, Mason(2013) Big, physical defenseman had a good game tonight. Did not make any huge glaring mistakes out on the ice and limited his turnovers. Logged a ton of ice time in all situations of the game, and definitely looks much more fluid out there in his own end. Not a great puck mover on the PP, but it’s an indication of the lack of talent Vancouver has this season. An above average skater for his size, who compensates his lack of mobility with good positioning. Was hard to play against along the boards, and made a nice blocked shot on the PK by sliding over to block a one timer.

    KEL#2 RD, Lees, Jesse(2013) Offensive defenseman who really struggled all night long. Definitely a good puck mover and showed some skills in the offensive zone, but had a difficult time in his own end or whenever he did not have the puck. One example is on the transition, it was a 1 on 1 situation and the opponent was skating down the wing, but for some reason Lees pivoted towards the slot and held the lane down the middle instead of closing the gap and funneling the opponent towards the boards to stop him at his tracks, which resulted in a great scoring chance for Vancouver. He was consistently late coming off the wall to cover the slot, and ran around clueless in his own zone consistently, which resulted in a number of Vancouver goals.

    KEL#4 RD, Bowey, Madison(2013) Dynamic player who was one of the best players for Kelowna tonight. He made very good passes out of the zone, and if he did not see a play, he would show off his elite skating abilities and skate the puck out himself and start the attack. He made a few risky plays with the puck that needs to cut those out of his game. Was solid on the power play tonight. Would have liked to see him shoot more, but when he did take a shot he missed the net a couple times. Needs to work on velocity and accuracy of his shots. Made a number of good passes to display good vision. Was a step ahead of teammates at times, as he located an open lane back door a few times throughout the game and made some great passes cross ice, but his teammates just were not in proper position to take advantage of a good scoring chance. Defensively, he had a great active stick, and showed good angling techniques all game long. He covered for his defense partners a number of times throughout the game. Most memorable event in his game was when he took a really bad hit from behind, and I expected him to get up angrily and retaliate, but instead he just got up, gave the opponent a few words and just quickly skated to the bench, in a game that they were winning 3-2. Very good composure and discipline in an event where majority of players his age would have taken a bad penalty.

    SCOUT’S NOTES: Kelowna scored 2 goals in 2 minutes to start the game, but quickly faded away and did not play very hard other than a few players. Madison Bowey really impressed tonight in all areas of the game. 2014 eligible forwards Rourke Chartier and Tyson Baillie were quiet for most of the game, but did have some good moments in the offensive zone with their offensive abilities. Just did not put together a full game effort tonight. Jackson Houck showed that he belongs in front of the net to be effective and not along the walls to try and create plays for Vancouver. Was much more effective tonight with that change in his game than the last few months where he was depended on to be the catalyst in the offensive zone.

    FINAL SCORE: 4-3(OT) KEL [/sociallocker]