North York Rangers at Mississauga Rebels, Sept 18, 2014

Mississauga Rebels
MR #77 (D) Kiriakos, Nick – Nick showed a lot of upside in this matchup against the Rangers. His toughness and physicality caused the opposition to think twice before going to his side of the ice. His patients with the puck allowed him to wait for a lane to open up and get the puck out of the zone safely. He used his speed and smarts to successfully rush the puck and create scoring opportunities for his team.
MR #53 (D) Rettinger, Josh – Josh played a solid 2 way game and was very effective at getting his point shots through especially on the power play where he managed to get one by the Rangers goalie. He quarterbacked the power play very well as he set up his teammates for multiple scoring chances throughout the game.
MR #51 Purboo, Cole – Cole is a big winger with a lot of upside. He uses his size well to protect the puck and win battles on the boards. He has an above average shot when coming down the wing and using his quick release. If Cole can improve his skating and puck handling he will cause headaches for the opposition this season.
MR #18 Fisher, Brandan – Brandan stood out with his speed and exceptional puck handling. He was successful rushing the puck all game and showed that his skating abilities were causing headaches for the opposition. Brandan had very good awareness and was not one to shy away from battling for pucks in the dirty areas.
MR #23 Burt, Robbie – Robbie made an impressive play to strip the Rangers defender of the puck in his own zone and finished a beauty breakaway goal while being harassed by the defender from the blue line in. He has a lot of upside as he works hard every shift and has an above average shot. Burt had 2 goals on the night and could have easily had a couple more with some good luck.
MR #93 Dickson, Aaron – Aaron was a workhorse all game and played in all situations. His high compete level and physical play made him a very effective player. He kills penalties well and can also chip in offensively with his strong fore checking.

North York Rangers
NR #10 Garagan, Benjamin – Benjamin showed very good speed and good hands when rushing the puck. At times he tried to do too much and was forced off the puck fairly easily. His explosiveness with the puck gives him a step on defenders when taking the puck to the outside. If he can get stronger and avoid being knocked off the puck easily he has the potential to be an effective player.
NR #91 Park, Davis – Davis showed good offensive capabilities and used his size to take the park hard to the net multiple times. His effort in the defensive zone can use improvement as well as his compete level from shift to shift.