Vaughan Kings vs Ottawa Valley Titans, Dec. 29

Vaughan Kings #67 F Sharpe, Cooper – Cooper is strong on the puck and uses his lower body strength very well to protect the puck. This allowed him to make effective choices in the offensive end. He showed good patience on the power play making some nice plays down low.

Vaughan Kings #88 F Bomberry, Jeremey – Jeremey battled hard on most shifts, never giving up on the play and was rewarded by making some key defensive zone plays. He also showed-off a nice toe-drag coming of the wall in the offensive zone that resulted in a quality chance.

Vaughan Kings #27 Maziarz, Joey – His ability to analyze and read the play allows him to know when to join the offensive rush or stay back in a more defensive role. He’s an effective player offensively when controlling the puck. Joey is a good skater, but often uses his smarts instead of his feet to get out of trouble. This was not one of his better games however, as he had opportunities to be physical in his own end, but wasn’t.

Vaughan Kings #97 Cabral, Michael – Michael was a workhorse in this game. He combined his quickness, good hands and a quick release to generate quality chances for his team.

Vaughan Kings #13 Andreacchi, Rocco – Rocco showed more compete down low in this game than in previous viewings. He is effective when he keeps his feet moving all the time.

Ottawa Valley Titans #16 Carlson, Taylor – Taylor made a number of smart choices with and without the puck in this game. His decision making is strong, and he has a lot of confidence in his vision and passing ability. He is very good at making the short passes to his center in the middle of the ice or the long stretch pass. He plays bigger than his size as well.

Ottawa Valley Titans #14 Fraser, Cole – Cole was hit hard into the end boards in the second period, but recovered and played a physical game in the third. He has above average vision and makes a strong pass. He has a strong shot from the point, although wasn’t able to get if off as much in this game. His footwork is improving and he’s learning to adjust well in transition and to force opponents outside.

Ottawa Valley Titans #8 Lalonde, Kristopher – Kristopher demonstrated his strength and ability to fight through checks while carrying the puck. He utilized the cycle down low very effectively and plays a physical game when needed. He was most effective when he was moving his feet and making himself big. He has a good understanding of the defensive zone and wins battles along the boards. He also showed a good ability to chip the puck out of the zone to create offensive rushes.

Ottawa Valley Titans #7 Horvath, Ryan – Ryan is quick and explosive and works hard at both ends of the ice. Like very few players in this age group, he has the ability to consistently receive the puck with a tremendous amount of speed while exiting his zone. This made it very difficult for the Kings defencemen to contain Ryan as he entered the offensive zone. At the same time, he is fairly strong on his skates and protects his puck nicely on his way to the offensive zone. Ryan combines work ethic and skill to win most races to loose pucks.