Red Deer Rebels at Brandon Wheat Kings, May 25th, 2016 – Memorial Cup

Red Deer Rebels vs Brandon Wheat Kings, May 25, 2016 – Memorial Cup
Final Score RD2 BDN1 OT

RD #5 LD Mahura, Josh (2016)
Looks to have rounded into game shape after missing all but 2 games in the regular season, skating didn’t look at its peak. He didn’t show any obvious signs of lack of conditioning, had a good full speed stride but was a touch choppy or labored in his opening steps. Impacted the game with a good physical presence and a strong ability to battle down low, did not give up much time and space, closed on players quickly and clogged up play behind the net. Showed strong finish on his body checks, has the ability to pushing and inflict uncomfortable but clean contact. Showed a couple of good rushes up ice through the neutral zone, kept his head up, didn’t rush plays and looked observant of the ice and developing play in front of him. Had a couple of turnovers when trying to pass through traffic, was a result of rushed decisions after gaining possession in deep. Was not a factor in scoring but didn’t give up much when on the ice.RDvsBDN42516

RD #11 C de Witt, Jeff (2016)
A 4th line center that was playing an energy role, showed a couple good physical plays and was creating energy on the forecheck. A few times his line was hemmed into their own zone and could gain possession long enough to clear. Missed coverage on the only Brandon goal getting crossed up with the defense after a turnover. I like his reach and ability to use his stick as a defensive weapon to pick at pucks and make forwards adjust to him.

BDN #19 C Patrick, Nolan (2017)
Was incredibly defensive minded in this game, consistently supporting his defense and circling back to avoid any rushes the other way; especially after they gained the lead. Skating is solid, stance is wide and top speed is very good, would like to see a slightly quicker burst getting up to full speed, didn’t see much of separation gear tonight. Showed really good puck pursuit, battled hard for loose pucks going into scrums with an extra charge and used his body intelligently to separate players away. High hockey IQ was on display he showed a strong ability to create shots and find open teammates, especially with a bit more open space on the powerplay. Although held scoreless he was creating and had a couple nice scoring chances that could easily have been converted if not for very strong goaltending. Liked the way his offensive game is unpredictable, he read the ice so well tonight that it was hard to tell if he was going to shoot or pass, deceptive and versatile.

BDN #12 RW Mattheos, Stellio (2017)
There was a few thinks I really liked about Mattheos tonight but overall he had somewhat of a quiet game where he disappeared for stretches. When he carried the puck down the wing he looked slippery and dynamic. Had a few rushes that came out of traffic where he really looked like he could have made something happen but plays ended up breaking down, this was a tightly played game but we would have liked to see more driving of the offense to complete plays. I like the way he comes out of small spaces with the puck, he works well in tight but didn’t go to the net often enough to utilize this strength. Would appreciate him shooting the puck more especially in stride.

BDN #10 RD Clague, Kale (2016)
Was far more involved continuously throughout the game than in past viewings, looks as though he was really interested in making a difference instead of deferring to teammates. Did observe him a couple times chasing in the defensive zone and straying out position, he recovered well because he is a strong skater, something that stood out tonight in both defending and pushing the play up ice. More of an asset on zone exits than expected, showed assertive play to be the first defended out and helping create quick transition through the neutral. When he pushes that play he can make turnovers at his own blue line, so there was some risky play in a high stakes game but showed good puck pursuit and back check to recovery from a couple of mistakes that end up on the other teams stick. Skating stood out tonight looks quick and compact in reverse, fluid with long stride going forward and his quickness gets him to full speed easily. Shoots well in stride and got pucks to the goalie with regularity. Was impressive tonight after looking indifferent in past viewings.