Richmond Hill Coyotes at Toronto Marlboros, September 7, 2016

Richmond Hill Coyotes at Toronto Marlboros, September 7, 2016

Scotiabank Pond (Toronto, Ont.)

RHC #5 D Lakoseljac, Stefan – Lakoseljac played some solid defence this game. He closed the gap well on his assignments and took the open man out of play. He was aggressive in board battles in his own zone. He made a couple nice checks, including separating Beaupre from the puck despite being overpowered on the check.

RHC #14 D Shukster, Curtis – Shukster shown some good offensive skills this game. He made a real nifty move in the second to evade an opponent. He had a quick snapshot that beat the goaltender up high for a goal.

RHC #16 FWD Prez, Luke – Prez was great on the forecheck this game pressuring defenders with his skating and stick. He showed great speed at his top gear.

RHC #44 FWD Early, Nicholas – Early has shown some decent acceleration which he use all game in puck races, zone exits, and off the draw. In the offensive zone, he stripped the defenceman on an breakout attempt and then fed his teammate out front, who was stopped.

RHC #59 FWD Bourassa, Noah – Bourassa displayed a terrific release on both goals. The first was super-quick snapshot that fooled the goalie. The second goal was similar, as he had a seamless deke into a shot that that went bar down through a defence screen from the high slot.

TOM #12 FWD Harris, Kyle – Harris showed some good sense around the net when he performed a wraparound and then found the loose puck on the far side for a goal after the scramble following the wraparound. He beat the defence on two separate zone entries and drew opponents to him to open up teammates in the offensive zone.

TOM #26 FWD Beaupre, Nicholas – Beaupre was a physical presence this game. He looked very strong out there, laying two large hits himself. In the first, with possession he carried the puck through the neutral zone and into the offensive zone whilst shrugging off two checks. In the same period, he showed some decent breakaway speed but was denied on his shot. In the second, he was again carrying the puck through centre ice where he was lined up well but again, the attacker bounced right off of him.

TOM #27 FWD Zabaneh, Nicholas – Zabaneh was very explosive this game. He had no issue beating the defence wide upon his many zone entries. He was very elusive when carrying the puck.

TOM #86 FWD Hughes, Jack – Hughes was an immediate standout this game. He demonstrated high-end vision with the puck as he was able find teammates with ease. With possession, he commanded respect, as he skated the puck with confidence into the zone and on one occasion around the entire offensive zone untouched where he then prompted himself into the slot for a shot. Upon one zone entry in the second period, he fooled a defender by changing speeds which allowed him to beat them wide. He proved himself to very agile this game as he utilized his edges evading defenders in the corners. In the third period, Hughes opened the play up along the half-wall with the puck to find his teammate back door that was stopped. This will be a high priority player to watch this season with his combination of skill and creativity.

TOM #88 FWD Richardson, Liam – Richardson had two nice scoring attempts this game. The first came after a good deke beating one defender and then protecting the puck to the outside from the other defender; he managed to get a great backhand off, nearly beating the goalie on a seemingly low % opportunity. His other scoring chance, was a quick snapshot that hit the post as he used the defenceman as a screen.

TOM #92 FWD Clarke, Graeme – Clarke demonstrated a good sense for the game in this contest. He was always in prime position and a scoring threat every time he was in the offensive zone. With and without the puck he drove the net with force, either inching his way to get a better shot off or trying pick up the scraps. He displayed great puck skill on 1 on 1’s more often than not beating defenders.

Richmond Hill Coyotes: 3 – Toronto Marlboros: 3