Rockland Nationals vs. Hawkesbury Hawks, October 9, 2017

Rockland Nationals vs. Hawkesbury Hawks
October 9, 2017
HEO AAA Regular Season

RCK #50 F Testa-Basi, Rocco (2018) – Testa-Basi makes sound decisions consistently, skates well and likes to play in front of the net. He had a quiet game overall after getting nailed in the first period. Once he got back on the ice, he played a good two-way game with a tight score. He protects the puck well when he has it on his stick, often positioning himself between the puck and the defender. He backchecked hard on a consistent basis and read the play well in his own end.

RCK #47 F Labelle, Vincent (2018) – Vincent Labelle has a very small frame, but he is quick and has one of the highest skillsets in the league. He has a very quick first few steps in his stride and can accelerate to a high speed quickly. Often it seemed like he was the fastest skater on the ice, getting to loose pucks wherever they were and squeezing through checks. He possesses great puck handling abilities and was creative with the puck while moving at high speed. His passes were hard and accurate and he showed good offensive awareness. He demonstrated quick hands with little room, at one point putting the puck through a defenceman’s legs and sliding around him to keep control. Another time on the Powerplay, he pulled a defender in with his stick handling and made a clean no-look pass up high to the defenceman for a point-shot.

RCK #52 F Labelle, Simon (2018) – Simon Labelle is a strong playmaker with quick skating ability. He displayed a high hockey IQ throughout the game and was deceitful with his passing, often completing perfect no-look passes at high speed or when under pressure. His passes were hard and always accurate, although he had a few unnecessary giveaways in the neutral zone in the second period. He seemed to always be aware of where his linemates were on the rush. At one point, he set up Testa-Basi in front of the net for a prime scoring chance but wasn’t able to find the scoresheet.

RCK #48 Carter, Mason (2018) – Carter had a quiet game 5-on-5 with a close score. He saw time on both the Powerplay and Penalty Kill and flashed some high-end skill at certain points. He made a quick deke below his own goal line to dodge a check from incoming forechecker, hold control of the puck and move it out of his end. He blocked a shot in the third period and his assist came off a point shot that was tipped in on the Powerplay.

HAW #12 D Stansel, Ryan (2018) – Stansel played a physical game, throwing a big hit in the first period on the puck carrier. He has a smooth stride and isn’t afraid to jump into the play. At one point, he stepped into the high slot with a quick deke for a scoring chance. Overall, he made sound decisions, quickly to avoid giving the puck away.