Sean Dickson : San Jose Jr. Sharks – WHL Draft Prospect

Dickson is a solid goaltender who is the Jr. Sharks’ back bone. Without him in net, they would have a very difficult time to win any games because they have very little depth up front.

Sean Dickson’s best attribute is his ability to look through traffic. Opponents have a difficult time scoring on him at the beginning…

of the game and change their game plans to put bodies in front and try to make his life tough. It rarely ever has any positive effects. He is very composed, and battles hard to look through the number of players. He makes himself big and tracks the puck well. Acton also has very good reflexes, and was able to get a piece of tipped shots by stretching his body out.

He has good, active hands that he keeps forward and controls rebounds quite well. The only problems he had with rebounds were when they were high up on his chest. He had a tendency to let those drop in front of him, and at the higher levels, forwards will easily take control of those rebounds and score.

Another area of improvement would be his puckhandling skills. Dickson is not very good with the puck behind his net, and was prone to giving passes away. He needs to work on lifting the pucks up more, and shooting them around the boards with more velocity.

Dickson is the MVP of the Jr. Sharks without a doubt. He is mentally strong to be able to keep his team in any games, and does not look overwhelmed in any situations. He just needs to keep working on his game, and hopefully be able to adjust to the faster pace of the junior level when the time comes.