Smiths Falls Bears at CIHA Voyageurs White, September 11th, 2017

SFB #4 RD Seed, Nolan (2018) – He was the best player for Smiths Falls tonight. Nolan has the ability to control the play and often decided to regroup in his own zone when he didn’t like options looking up the ice. By regrouping the puck it allowed his team to have a controlled breakout which was much more effective than forcing plays that weren’t there. His skating is effortless and his best attribute. His head is always up and is constantly scanning the ice which allows him to read the play and react accordingly. He was used for killing penalties and to quarterback the powerplay. Wasn’t able to produce much offensively because as his team was getting severely outplayed for the majority of the game. who at times can look a little awkward while skating.
SFB #15 LW Russett, Reid (U18 2018) – Russett is a tall lanky forward who at times appears to have awkward skating style. Once he fills out his frame more then I think his skating will become more natural and fluid. Reid didn’t have a great game and I wish I saw more of a consistent effort from him on a shift-to-shift basis. There were times where he would stop skating/battling or make a questionable decision whether it was taking an undisciplined penalty or making a pass at the wrong time. I liked his work ethic on the penalty kill and his ability to battle along the boards. While he didn’t produce much offensively he made a nice move waiting out the goalie in the slot but unfortunately hit the crossbar.
SFB #20 LD Caulfield, Alex (2018) – As the game progressed he became more and more noticeable for the right reasons. Made a lot of smart and simple plays. Alex handles the puck with a lot of confidence and consistently makes a good first pass. Towards the end of the game on a powerplay he snuck behind an opposing attacker and almost scored on a one-timer just to the right of the slot. I liked his game tonight and think he’s one to watch as the season goes on.
CIHA White #28 C/RW Peterson, Dylan (2018) – It was my second time viewing Peterson this season and he had a rather quiet night. He took an unsportsmanlike penalty after having a few words with the referee which led to his team going down 5-on-3 for a full two minutes. Numerous times throughout the game he would take the puck in stride and circle the offensive zone before making a pass down low or to the defense. He is extremely difficult to contain when he has control of the puck because of his size and speed. When he has control of the puck he will make subtle head fakes that make him very deceiving as the opposing players are unsure what he’s going to do.