Sudbury Wolves at Barrie Colts, Nov 17, 2016

Sudbury Wolves @ Barrie Colts, November 17, 2016

Final score: 8-2 Barrie

Barrie Colts

BAR #8 LW Chiodo, Lucas (2017) – Chiodo played big minutes in all situations and made the most of it. He showed good vision and patience waiting for plays to develop before moving the puck and creating a chance. He did a nice job of losing defenders and finding soft spots in the defense to camp out in. Chiodo scored a goal by following up on the initial shot and not giving up on the play.

BAR #12 D Keane, Joey (2017) – Keane’s game was hit and miss. He did a nice job eluding oncoming forecheckers and skating the puck out of trouble. On one occasion he went the length of the ice, turned it over behind Sudbury’s net and couldn’t get back. That led directly to a goal. He also took a slashing minor trying to get back after a pinch on a different play. Defensively when he was set up he didn’t give up much but he made a couple poor decisions throughout and they proved costly.

BAR #19 C Willms, Jason (2017) – Willms was very effective passing the puck in this game. On one play he was one-on-one with a defender and he looked back and saw a teammate rushing up ice so he slowed down and made a beautiful pass setting up a near empty-net opportunity, which wasn’t converted on. He was very unselfish with the puck and passed up a couple shooting opportunities to create better looks for teammates. He was good in the faceoff dot (11/17) and when he was on the ice the Colts seemed to spend the majority of the time in the offensive zone.

BAR #26 D Hedberg, Tom (2017) – Hedberg was firing pucks all night and did an excellent job getting them through traffic, as evident by his six shots on goal. He did a nice job walking the line on the power play and opening up shooting/passing lanes. Defensively he played one of his best games. He used his stick effectively to steer players wide and he did a nice job sealing them off and winning battles along the wall after forcing them wide. Hedberg showed good anticipation waiting for a pass to be attempted before intercepting it and skating the puck the other way. He kept his gaps tight and didn’t allow easy entries. Due to his skating ability he didn’t back off and worry about being blown by.

BAR #71 RW Nizhnikov, Kirill (2018) – Nizhnikov has regularly played on the 3rd or 4th line but he was given top-6 minutes in this game and made the most of it. He did a nice job of finding open ice with the puck and did a nice job rotating up to the slot in the cycle to get some good shooting opportunities. His passes were crisp and on target. On one rush he had an effective net drive, which forced a defender to follow him and gave a teammate a better shooting lane. On the power play he showed off his quick, powerful release by grabbing and ripping the puck in short succession. He made a lot happen offensively but his best play of the night was one he made without the puck. A Sudbury player had a full head of steam and was about to make a move on a breakaway and Nizhnikov hauled back, lifted the player’s stick and pickpocketed him right before he was about to shoot. At the time it was 6 or 7-2 Colts and late in the game so not many players would put in that kind of extra effort to prevent a goal.

Sudbury Wolves

SUD #7 D O’Grady, Reagan (2017) – O’Grady didn’t have his best game. He was hemmed in the defensive zone several times throughout the night, especially early on, and was caught out of position a couple times as a result. He simply wore down from chasing play. O’Grady did rush the puck up ice when he could but was guilty of trying to do it all himself so not much came of it.

SUD #18 C Carson, Macauley (2017) – Carson did a nice job of skating the puck through the neutral zone and driving play up ice. He had several controlled entries, which led to shooting opportunities for the Wolves. He didn’t generate a lot in the offensive zone but on one occasion was left alone in the slot and failed to convert on his shot.

SUD #21 D Lalonde, Owen (2018) – Lalonde played about as well as one could in an 8-2 loss. He made a good first pass and did a nice job taking what was available to him. If nobody was available on the outlets he had no problem skating the puck himself until the play developed. He made smart decisions with the puck and didn’t throw it into dangerous areas. Lalonde also did a nice job of getting pucks to the net as he had four shots on goal.

SUD #71 C Levin, David (2018) – Levin was very involved in this game. When he was on the ice the Wolves’ offense ran through him. He showed good speed through the neutral zone and had little trouble gaining the line with possession. He made some beautiful passes in the offensive zone and set up a couple Grade A looks for teammates with saucer passes over defender’s sticks and right into the soft spots of the defense. He did a nice job of accepting bad passes without breaking stride and was on the attack for much of the night. Unfortunately for him whenever he was on the ice for a break down defensively it ended up in the back of the net thanks in large part to subpar goaltending.