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Trois-Rivières Estacades at St-Eustache Vikings, Midget AAA, March 10th 2018

STE #5 LD, Bourgeois, Pier-Olivier (2020) : Bourgeois didn’t stand out or dominated on the ice, but he did his job. He brought some physical play to […]

Vikings St-Eustache at Blizzard Séminaire St-François, Fev 4, 2018

STE #5 DG, Bourgeois, Pierre-Olivier (2020) : Le défenseur des Vikings a connu une bonne rencontre, se servant bien de sa longue portée et de son gabarit […]

2017 CCM Challenge Recap (Dec 6-10)

This is a comprehensive review of the 2017 CCM-Challenge, this report is available in English and French (French version follows the English version below). This writeup contains […]

Vikings de St-Eustache at Phénix du Collège Esther-Blondin, September 24, 2017

STE #30 G, Hurtubise, Nikolas (2020): Hurtubise had a key contribution to his team victory. He blocked two breakaways and made at least three or four keys […]

St-Eustache Vikings at Laval-Montreal Rousseau Royal, Oct 1, 2017

STE #23 LW Fortin, Xavier (2020): Fortin was really good today for the Vikings; he showed excellent speed and an ability to avoid hits while in possession […]

Vikings St-Eustache vs Intrépides de Gatineau, Midget AAA, 4 Octobre 2017

GAT #22 A Lapierre, Hendrix (2020) : Le talentueux joueur de centre de l’Intrépides a connu un match un peu plus tranquille aujourd’hui. Par contre, il nous […]

Riverains Collège Charles-Lemoyne at Vikings St-Eustache, September 17, 2017

CCL #21 D, Biakabutuka, Jérémie (2020): The big defenceman had a up and down game. He played really good in the 1st half of the game, where […]

Saint-Eustache Vikings vs Saint-Hyacinthe Gaulois, Midget AAA, August 23th 2017

Saint-Eustache Vikings vs Saint-Hyacinthe Gaulois, Midget AAA, August 23th 2017 STE #7 LD Carrière, Benjamin (2020): The small left-handed defenseman picked up an assist on St-Eustache second […]

Sélects du Nord At Lac St.Louis Lions (South), Bantam AAA, January 21st, 2017

LSL #9 F Choupani, Matt (2020) : Choupani showed great playmaking skills, stickhandling and vision in this game. During a 2-on-2, he delivered an outstanding feed to […]

Selects du Nord at Conquérants Basse-Laurentides, Oct 7, 2016 (Bantam AAA)

SEL #73 D Carriere, Benjamin (2020): Carriere looked good because of his skating, which is really impressive. His side steps are very quick and effective. He can […]

Rapport du défi Bantam AAA de Longueuil (10-13 Septembre 2015)

Les recruteurs de HockeyProspect.com étaient présents au défi Bantam AAA de Hockey Québec à Longueuil du 10 au 13 septembre. Dans le rapport vous allez pouvoir lire […]