The 2021 Draft Season

Hockey Scouting

Updated October 26th, 2020

Our first 2021 NHL Draft ranking of the season will be released in the near future. The ranking will be based on viewings from this current season as well as games from last season. That leads us into the question of what we are doing right now? We currently have scouts attending games in person, but much like NHL team scouts, we are also being forced to watch video this season. We have always used video as an extra tool but COVID has forced us scouts to use is much more than usual. Since some leagues will have a very late start to their respective season’s, we will be adding some game reports from games from last season for those leagues. Our scouts will focus on the 2021 NHL Draft prospects competing in those games.

Members can expect to see many more player reports being added as we enter November. We’ll also begin to release more audio (including Platinum Audio) after we release our first ranking of the season.

The OHL Draft and QMJHL Draft are obviously being affected heavily by the current pandemic. Our scouts have attended some games where possible but it’s been a very slow start to these draft seasons. Much like QMJHL and OHL teams, we are at the mercy of games being available to scout. Our team will be doing our best to scout prospects when more games become available.

It’s definitely a different start to a draft season this fall, but we are still approaching the 2021 drafts in as much of a ‘business as usual’ fashion as possible. We will scout what is available for us to scout.



As we start September we thought it would be a good time to kick off a new season of scouting. Although the 2020 NHL Draft has yet to be completed and is still a month away, we are already in the process of evaluating players for the 2021 NHL Draft.

We’ve added some new scouts and a few scouts have already attended some games live for the 2021 QMJHL Draft. Our approach to this season will be to keep things as close to ‘business as usual’ as possible. In Canada the QMJHL is already playing pre-season games! The OHL and WHL are planning a December 1st start date.

We still plan on attending games live as always, but we will mix in video evaluations as well using InStat which we began using last season. We have this fantastic tool at our disposal right from the start for these 2021 draft prospects.

We’ve also continued work on our Scouts Training Course this summer. We are trying to get it available for signups as fast as possible. Stay tuned.

You can expect more audio on this year (both FREE and Platinum) and after a hiatus, we began using our Youtube account again this past spring. We plan to keep adding some free content via Youtube this season.

A big thanks to everyone who has supported us both in 2020 and in the past. Regardless of the unique finish to last season and the start to this season, we are still covering the OHL, QMJHL and NHL Draft’s as passionately as ever.

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