Toronto Marlboros vs. Mississauga Rebels, Dec 29, 2014

December 29 – Toronto Marlboros vs. Mississauga Rebels
Toronto Marlboros Holiday Classic – Quarter Finals

MAR D #33 Duchesne, Samuel – Duchesne played a good physical game as he took the body every chance he got. He wasn’t shying away from mixing it up with Rebels players after the whistle as he did it on several occasions. Duchesne had 3 good opportunities to get a quality shot on net for either a deflection or rebound and he failed to do so. One shot was right into the goalies crest and the other two went well wide of the net.
MAR D #6 Hughes, Quinton – Hughes did a good job gaining the offensive blueline as well as skating away from trouble areas with the puck. His decision making when making a breakout pass wasn’t the best as he forced some low percentage passes and gave the puck away on 2 occasions in the last half of the game.
MAR D #27 Smith, Brendan – Smith was tough to play against in the first period as he battled hard for pucks. Smith was later kicked out of the game on a questionable hit from behind call.
MAR F #81 Clarke, CJ – Clarke made a nice play to fake a pass to the point which opened up space for him to walk out of the corner for a good scoring opportunity. Clarke later scored as he stripped the puck from the Rebels d-man and went backhand to beat Incze high glove.
MAR F #9 McLeod, Ryan – McLeod impressed in this game when playing on the powerplay. He used a lot of head fakes, shoulder drops and no look passes/shots to really fool the opposition. He did a great job of not giving away his plays by looking one way and passing in the other direction.
MAR F #3 Jones, Ben – Jones was the most vocal player on the ice and showed great leadership in this contest. He was excellent in the faceoff circle at both ends of the ice and made several good plays on the back check. Jones has really shown that he can be a well-rounded 200 ft. player in recent viewings.
MAR F #19 Pryce, Nicholas – Pryce was a workhorse all game for the Marlies. He was first on the puck often and was very physical on the forecheck. Pryce also showed his quick release that he just missed high far side when coming down the wing at full speed.
MAR F #51 Peca, Jaden – Peca scored a nice goal as he received the pass on his backhand and ripped it far side off the post and in.

REB D #2 Golden, Jacob – Golden made a good read at his own blueline to step up and intercept a pass, he then made a nice pass that was mishandled by the Rebels forward which would have resulted in a breakaway. Golden was the last man back in his zone and he tried to make moves to beat 2 forecheckers which resulted in a 2 on 0. He had space to shoot the puck off the boards and out.
REB F #4 Gallant, Zach – Gallant was very good on draws and on the penalty kill in this game as he got his team out of trouble often. He also showed his good hands on a 2 on 2 rush when he beat the defender by going outside-inside and got a shot on net, his teammate buried the rebound to get the Rebels on the board.
REB F #23 Burt, Robbie – Burt struggled to get things going in this game and made some questionable decisions. He was on a clear 2 on 1 and made a drop pass into traffic that was picked off and taken the other way for a scoring chance. He also took a penalty for sticking the goalie after the whistle seconds after the Marlies tied the game up at 1.
REB F #51 Purboo, Cole – Purboo played well in this game when he kept things simple and didn’t try to do it all himself. He tried to make some tough plays and force passes such as a drop pass late in the game when his team was trailing, he had room to get a shot on net to create a rebound. Purboo also needs to work on skating with his head up through the neutral zone as he almost got clocked a couple times.
REB F #88 Formenton, Alex – Formenton played hard for the Rebels every shift as he was first on the puck and played physical. He went hard to the net on a 2 on 2 and was rewarded with a goal as he picked up a rebound.