Toronto Nationals vs. Toronto Titans, Jan 13, 2015

GTHL Playoffs – Round 1, Game 1
Score: Nats 3-3 Titans

TTN D #2 Proner, Robert – Proner played better as the game went on. He generated scoring chances by getting shots through from the point. His gap control was really good in this game as he was tough to beat one on one. Early in the game Proner mishandled a puck in his own zone, when leaving the ice he broke his stick over the boards, his actions got him benched for the remainder of the first period.
TTN D #7 Grima, Nicholas – Grima had a solid game on the back end for the Titans. He scored a nice goal by sneaking behind the defenders to the back door, where the puck came to him and he roofed it on his backhand in a hurry. The highlight of Grima’s game came late in the 3rd with his team down by a goal and on the penalty kill. He lost his stick early in the PK and put himself into position to make 2 very well executed shot blocks which ultimately got his team out of trouble.
TTN F #39 Kimens, Regan – Kimens was very energetic and forced a lot of turnovers on the fore check. He used quick turns to shake off defenders after winning puck battles on the end boards. Kimens most impressive play was breaking up a 2 on 1 with his hard work and speed on the back check.
TTN F #4 Garreffa, Joseph – Garreffa had one of his quieter games this season as he didn’t make much of an impact. His best chance came as he was sent on a breakaway where he made a beautiful backhand toe drag move but rang the backhander off the post.
TTN F #19 Sheedy, Zachary – Sheedy seemed to have the puck all night in the offensive zone. He made some smart plays to find his open teammates and had 3 quality shots on goal. On two occasions Sheedy tried to walk out of the corner and beat 3 defenders, the puck was easily taken away from him and sent out of the zone.
TTN F #89 Jackson, Zachary – Jackson hasn’t seemed to be the same player he was prior to his back injury earlier in the year, but in this contest he seemed to get his feet moving and made an impact in the game. He was physical every shift and made several bone crunching hits. He also made a really nice play to set up the tying goal late in the third as he stole the puck off the Nats Dman and put a low hard shot off the far pad which allowed Israel to score on the rebound.

TYN D #6 Kellenburger, Matthew – Kellenburger was distributing the puck well all game and showed some really smart decision making. He used head fakes and shoulder drops to fake out defenders when quarterbacking the power play from the point. After putting together a strong game Kellenburger made a mistake by holding onto the puck for too long when his team was up by 1 late in the game. He was stripped of the puck and the Titans scored to tie it up off this blunder.
TYN D #5 Calisti, Stephen – Calisti isn’t a big defender but he makes up for it with his physicality and work ethic. He battles hard for pucks on the end boards and does a good job staying in position even if he loses the battle. He has a hard shot that he almost always keeps low which allows his team to get sticks on it or pick up rebounds. Calisti made some questionable passes when breaking out of his zone and passed behind his teammate on 3 different occasions in this game.
TYN F #18 Sharir-Smith, Jonathan – Sharir-Smith is one of the Nats best offensive players but couldn’t seem to generate any scoring chances in this game. He made a good play to take the Titan’s Dman wide but ended up shooting a soft shot into the goalie chest. Also late in the game on a powerplay he took a shot right into the defenders shin pads and nearly gave up a breakaway going the other way.
TYN F #92 Mueller, Nate – Mueller made his presence in this game by playing physical. It seemed at times his weak skating kept him from getting involved in offensive rushes. He takes about 4 strides before he gets going, but when he’s in full speed he uses his size well to protect the puck.