Mississauga Reps vs. Toronto Jr. Canadiens, Jan 13, 2015

GTHL Playoffs – Round 1, Game 1
Score: Reps 2-2 JRC

JRC F #25 Maksimov, Kirill – Maksimov is really tough on his skates which makes him hard to knock off the puck. His work ethic improved as the game went on as we saw him get more involved in puck battles. Settling for shots from the outside have limited his scoring chances, we would like to see him go to the net more and create better scoring chances.
JRC F #87 Campoli, Nicholas – Campoli has shown all year that he is a good two-way centre but in this game he showed his offensive capabilities. He got away from the defender in the slot and received a pass that was on and off his stick in a hurry; he placed the shot perfectly into the top corner. He also had another breakaway late in the game but couldn’t finish on the backhand.
JRC F #29 Boyko, Simon – Boyko was being forced to the outside by Reps defenders all game which limited his offensive opportunities. He was only able to create chances off Reps defensive turnovers. We would like to see Boyko create more offense with the puck on his stick instead of strictly relying on his speed to beat defenders.
JRC D #26 Mannara, Michael – Mannara made some good skill plays to stick handle out of trouble as well as gain the offensive blue line by using his speed through the neutral zone. Mannara isn’t a big defenseman and it shows as he gets knocked off the puck often from fore checkers.
JRC F #17 Celotti, Nicholas – Celotti’s best play came off a tough fore check where he forced the defenders off the puck and made a quick pass out front to Campoli where he made no mistake. Celotti is one of JRC’s top penalty killers and shows it game after game as he finds ways to create offence while a man down.
JRC F #4 Del Zotto, Scott – Del Zotto had a quiet game but made an impact with his defensive efforts. He looked to have a wide open one-timer in the high slot but had his stick lifted by a Reps player. The puck was quickly turned up ice and Del Zotto put his head down and got back to break up a 2 on 1, while his team had a 1 goal lead.
JRC F #71 Sokolov, Alexandr – This was one of Sokolov’s best games of the year as he was involved every shift. He scored a nice goal by going to the net finding a loose puck and ripping a backhander top corner. Late in the game with his team up by a goal Sokolov made a very nice sliding block shot that ricochet off him and out of the zone.

REP D #2 Wells, Ryan – Wells was the Reps best defenceman in this contest as he logged a lot of minutes. His best scoring chance came after he rushed the puck from his own end, he then dished it off to a teammate who returned the puck, and Wells ripped the shot off the crossbar and out of play. Wells also made a good defensive play on the penalty kill where he lost his stick in a puck battle but managed to block two shot attempts without his stick.
REP F #19 Isaacson, Nicholas – Isaacson made a good play to lift a JRC player’s stick to stop him from getting off a one-timer in the high slot. A play that stood out was when he had a clear opportunity to lay a good body check on a JRC defender but chose to try to block the wrap around the boards instead, even though he had his defenceman behind him who was all by himself. Late in the game with his team down by one, Isaacson had a wide open net but fanned on the shot.
REP F #81 Burger, Jesse – Burger was the most physical player on the ice as he usually is. He created chances for himself by getting first to the puck in the offensive zone. His puck skills need work as he lost the puck when he tried stick handling around defenders. Burger also made several passes that were off the mark of his target.