Brampton 45’s vs London Knights, Jan. 16 2015

Brampton 45’s #27 D Ian Blacker – Ian’s combination of OHL size and skating ability allow him to stand out on almost every shift. As in previous viewings, he was very difficult to contain when he made the decision to carry the puck through the neutral zone and gain the blue line. With his size advantage, he has effectively learned how to be physical in his own end and not take penalties which he demonstrated in this game. Ian did get caught a few times not surveying the forecheck before retrieving the puck and it forced him into making a few high risk exit passes. For this reason, it wasn’t Ian’s best game.

Brampton 45’s #65 D Conor Ali – Conor continues to impress with his decision making of when to skate the puck and when to move it. He was very effective at gaining the zone both in even strength and odd man situations. His strong puck skills give him the confidence to do things at this level that he may need to adjust at the next level as he did over handle it tonight on a few occasions.

Brampton 45’s #67 D Connor Loft – Connor has good size and uses it effectively in his own zone. His agility is improving which has helped him develop a little more offence into his game as he was effective gaining the blue line on the power play. Late in the game, down a goal, he had some trouble exiting the zone making the decision to pass the puck into traffic instead of using the glass.

London Jr Knights #5 D Isaiah Payne – Isaiah impressed with his heads up defensive play. Making good choices, he showed little panic with the puck on his stick in his own zone. Whether it was a tape to tape first pass, or taking it behind the net and turning it up at the goal post, Payne made the correct choice. In doing this, he also impressed with his ability to stick handle through some traffic. Defensively, he has a very good stick and takes good angles when defending. Adding strength will have a very positive impact on Payne’s game.

London Jr Knights #10 F Nicholas Suzuki – As in previous viewings, Nicholas is very dangerous with the puck on his stick. His uncanny ability to dictate the pace when he has the puck allows him to make good decisions. He made a few effective open area passes in this game as well. Nicholas scored an important goal from the blue line that found its way through traffic off a nice cross-ice pass from Vinogradov. His first two steps are quick, but Nicholas has a tendency to bend at the waist at times which appears to affect his stride.

London Jr Knights #11 F Isaac Ratcliffe – Being 6’4” is one of the first things you notice with Isaac. After that he will impress you with his stride and skill set. He was able to impact this game in a variety of ways. His hard shot kept Brampton goalie Eric Doner on his toes all game. Isaac also demonstrated his ability to work on the penalty kill. His long reach allowed to take away lanes and he was not afraid to lay himself in front of a few point shots.