Tyson Jost : Pursuit of Excellence – WHL Draft Prospect

 Tyson Jost

Jost is a dynamic forward who plays the game at a very high tempo. He does everything well in speed, whether it be stickhandling around an opponent or making a tape to tape pass in traffic, he excels when the game is moving at a very quick pace.


Much of Jost’s game depends on speed due to his size. He stands at about 5’6-5’7 at this time, so he makes up for it with his skating abilities to get away from traffic and generate the amount of offense he is able to on a consistent basis. He seems to be half a step ahead of opponents when he processes the situation at hand, which allows him to make great feeds to his teammates. He could be spinning around in the corners than in a flash make a beautiful pass to a wide open teammate who is going to the net for a quick scoring attempt. Another impressive aspect of Jost’s game is his scoring touch. Time and time again he is able to beat his man to the net from the half wall, and place a perfect shot upstairs for a goal. He can create chances for himself to score with his dekes and loves to make a move to the slot which gives him a lot of options to score.

Defensively, Jost has some work to do. He does not have the size to overpower opponents and take away pucks, but rather he has to be able to perfect the small details like effective stick lifts and anticipating plays from happening to create turnovers. He also has a tendency to cheat and leave the zone a little earlier than he should, which can leave his point man wide open for a good shot on net.

Jost’s offensive abilities are quite impressive. He is hard to stop for anybody at the bantam level, and will be able to put up a significant amount of points for his team. To be successful at the next level, he will have to keep working on his speed and try to play at a quicker pace. Having said that however, he seems to be well on his way to be a good play at the junior level, and it will be interesting to see just how much taller he could get in the next few years.