Vancouver Giants at Kelowna Rockets, Feb 10th, 2017

Photo Credit: Marissa Baecker

Vancouver Giants at Kelowna Rockets, Feb 10th, 2017

Final Score VAN0 KEL6

#14 C Malm, James (2017)
Played a tough assignment throughout the night starting in all zones and having to go against the top defensive pair and was on for a couple goals, looked like he was playing a step behind most of the night. Struggled the whole night in faceoff circle and in turn his line didn’t have the puck much and wasn’t able to create much offense.

#15 LW Hardy, Owen (2017)
Was playing with speed tonight looked quick to loose pucks and was buzzing around the net. Didn’t get a lot of space out there but at times looked fearless driving the net, didn’t get much out of it but it was easy to appreciate the effort. Looked quicker on his skates than previous viewings but did have some trouble creating any dangerous scoring chances.

#6 LD Plouff, Dylan (2017)
Showed some jam to stand up to Cal Foote and drop the gloves for a fight. Uses quick feet on the 1st penalty kill unit to close on shooters and take away space. Liked the way he used his stick to break up plays but used good judgment to not to bite and over commit and therefore get burned. Skates really well and when his group had the chance to gather pucks he was a strong asset on the breakout and clearing the zone. Like the rest of his team, not much offence to speak of tonight.

#13 C Popowich, Tyler (2018)
This was a scrappy game and Popowich was part of fight on this evening as well taking on the older Thurkauf. Took a couple lazy minor penalties that were the result of reaching and not moving his feet, lack of quickness in his skating helps contribute to this downfall. Does show some good work in front of the net on the powerplay, holds his position well and shows some push back.

#25 RD Foote, Cal (2017)
Was strong when payers were attacking against him, closed quick with some big hits along the board when attacker were attempting to make zone entries along his side of the ice. Whipped a quick wrist shot on goal that was tipped down and into the goal, this was a decisive play but at time throughout the night looked as though he was trying for the perfect offensive play and ended up overthinking his moves a little. Sometimes showed difficulty finding the second option on breakout passes because he seems adamant to pass pucks out instead of skate them, even when he has space.

#16 RW Lind, Kole (2017)
Contributed with 2 powerplay assists on the night including one that showed some patients as he created some space and waited for Nolan Foote to move in placing the puck in a great position for him to lean into. Moved his feet all night and looked dangerous through the game with a few strong scoring chances. Like the way he was diverse and unpredictable, usually doesn’t spend a lot of time holding pucks but tonight carried it more often while also making his quick cross ice plays on and off his blade with accuracy.

#12 LW Gardiner, Erik (2017)
Was given an opportunity on the powerplay tonight and didn’t disappoint, since he plays with a streak of toughness its no surprise that he put forth a good effort in front of then net screening the goaltender, shows some strength to hold his positioning. Tipped a Cal Foote point shot in from about waist high with some strong hand-eye coordination.

#28 RW Mattson, Leif (2017)
Potted a surprising 2 goals tonight late in the game when it was out of reach for the Giants and the lower lines got a few extra shifts. Looked really sharp on one goal especially, pulled a backhand forehand goal in quite tight to the net and completely deked the goaltender out of position to tuck it in. Easily the best goal he’s scored in any viewings, doesn’t flash too much offensive skill but certainly can make some quick stick movements and cut laterally to make defenders bite.

#29 RW Foote, Nolan (2019)
Played his powerplay spot on the right boards and chipped in with 3 goals. One was a strong shot in stride that he can snapped with quick hands and got some good lift on, shows an ability to raise the puck with ease and exploit the top of the net. The second goal was a good read to streak down the slot and take a well-timed pass while dropping to one knee burying it with good power behind it. His third goal was from that patented spot off the right circle, Foote has a knack for shooting accurately and this might have been the best of all three, a quick release that had a ton of power behind it and again gets up quickly. Tonight was a good exhibit of the versatility of his shot and how he can get in off with power from a couple different shooting footing positions.