2014 OHL Cup

2014 OHL Cup

The 2014 OHL Cup begins in less than 24 hours with wild card games beginning at 12pm on Tuesday. The match ups will be determined Monday night via a random draw.

HockeyProspect.com scouts will be in attendance all week as we take our last look at several 2014 OHL Draft Prospects prior to the release of our 2014 OHL Draft Guide.


2014 Schedule

Wild Card ‘Play In’ Games:

Game 1: 12:00 pm North York Rangers (GTHL Invite) vs. Don Mills Flyers (GTHL Invite) – Winner becomes WC1
Game 2: 2:00 pm South Central Coyotes (OMHA Invite) vs. Brantford 99ers (ALLIANCE Semi-Finalist) – Winner becomes WC2
Game 3: 4:00 pm Guelph Gryphons (OMHA Championship Qualifier) vs. Halton Hurricanes (OMHA Invite) – Winner becomes WC3

Tuesday March 11, 2014

Buckingham Rink 1

7:00 pm Toronto Jr. Canadiens vs. Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs*

9:00 pm Chatham Kent Cyclones vs. Mississauga Senators*

Buckingham Rink 2

7:15 pm Vaughan Kings vs. Whitby Wildcats

9:15 pm Toronto Marlboros vs. Southern Tier Admirals

Wednesday March 12, 2014

Buckingham Rink 1

9:00 am TPH Thunder vs. Thunder Bay Kings

10:45 am Team NOHA vs. Ottawa Jr. 67’s

12:30 pm Whitby Wildcats vs. Kitchener Jr. Rangers*

2:15 pm Mississauga Senators vs. Peterborough Petes

4:00 pm Vaughan Kings vs. TPH Thunder*

5:45 pm Chatham Kent Cyclones vs. Ottawa Valley Titans

7:30 pm WC3 vs. Elite Hockey Group

9:15 pm Peterborough Petes vs. WC2

Buckingham Rink 2

8:30 am Waterloo Wolves vs. WC3

10:15 am Ottawa Valley Titans vs. WC2

12:00 pm WC1 vs. Toronto Jr. Canadiens

1:45 pm Elite Hockey Group vs. Toronto Marlboros

3:30 pm Southern Tier Admirals vs. Waterloo Wolves

5:15 pm Ottawa Jr. 67’s vs. Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs

7:00 pm Kitchener Jr. Rangers vs. Thunder Bay Kings

8:45 pm WC1 vs. Team NOHA

Thursday March 13, 2014

Buckingham Rink 1

8:30 am Thunder Bay Kings vs. Whitby Wildcats

10:15 am Elite Hockey Group vs. Waterloo Wolves

12:00 pm Ottawa Valley Titans vs. Peterborough Petes*

1:45 pm Ottawa Jr. 67’s vs. WC1*

Buckingham Rink 2

9:00 am WC3 vs. Southern Tier Admirals

10:45 am WC2 vs. Chatham Kent Cyclones

12:30pm Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs vs. Team NOHA

2:15 pm TPH Thunder vs. Kitchener Jr. Rangers

Friday March 14, 2014

Buckingham Rink 1

8:00 am Mississauga Senators vs. Ottawa Valley Titans

9:45 am Southern Tier Admirals vs. Elite Hockey Group

11:30 am Waterloo Wolves vs. Toronto Marlboros*

1:15 pm Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs vs. WC1

3:00 pm WC2 vs. Mississauga Senators

4:45 pm Toronto Marlboros vs. WC3*

Buckingham Rink 2

8:30 am Team NOHA vs. Toronto Jr. Canadiens

10:15 am Thunder Bay Kings vs. Vaughan Kings

12:00 pm Peterborough Petes vs. Chatham Kent Cyclones

1:45 pm Whitby Wildcats vs. TPH Thunder

3:30 pm Toronto Jr. Canadiens vs. Ottawa Jr. 67’s

5:15 pm Kitchener Jr. Rangers vs. Vaughan Kings

Saturday March 15, 2014

Buckingham Rink 1

10:30 am Quarter-Final 2 – 1ST Place Division 2 vs. 2ND Place Division 3

12:15 pm Quarter-Final 4 – 1ST Place Division 1 vs. 2ND Place Division 4

6:00 pm Semi-Final 1 – Winner Quarter-Final 1 vs. Winner Quarter-Final 2*

8:00 pm Semi-Final 2 – Winner Quarter-Final 3 vs. Winner Quarter-Final 4*

Buckingham Rink 2

10:00 am Quarter-Final 1 – 1ST Place Division 3 vs. 2ND Place Division 2

11:45 am Quarter-Final 3 – 1ST Place Division 4 vs. 2ND Place Division 1

Sunday March 16, 2014

Buckingham Rink 1

1:00 pm Championship Final *


*indicates games to be broadcast by Rogers TV

Here is the divisional setup leading into the tournament.

Division 1

Toronto Jr. Canadiens

Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs


Ottawa 67s

WC 1 (winner of 12:00 p.m. Wild Card game)

Divison 2

Mississauga Senators

Peterborough Petes

Chatham Kent Cyclones

Ottawa Valley Titans

WC 2 (winner of 2:00 p.m. Wild Card game)

Divison 3

Toronto Marlboros

Southern Tier Admirals

Elite Hockey Group

Waterloo Wolves

WC 3 (winner of 4:00 p.m. Wild Card game)

Division 4

Vaughan Kings

Whitby Wildcats

Kitchener Jr. Rangers

Thunder Bay

TPH Thunder