August 5, 2012, Team Red vs. Team White (Team Canada U18 Camp)

RED #8 LD Morrissey, Josh (2013) – The skills that Morrissey shows suggests he is an offensive first defenceman. He made excellent long distance passing tape to tape on a consistent basis. He seems to make the best possible play with the puck every single time he

[sociallocker]touches it. However Josh battles hard, anticipates plays and intercepts potential scoring chances and defends his own zone well.

RED #9 LD Theodore, Shea (2013) – Moves it up ice well and made good plays with it especially controlling it in the offensive zone. Theodore is a decent skater who was effective in creating scoring chances. Sent a great wrister through traffic which resulted in a goal.

RED #11 RD Bowey, Madison(2013) – Bowey doesn’t jump out at you but very quietly does a lot of things right. He helps his team by winning battles, maintaining good defensive positioning and getting the puck up ice quickly and efficiently.

RED #18 LW Drouin, Jonathan (2013) – Created offense at times throughout the game. Scored two goals in this game. He is more than willing to battle but he usually gets beat. As he gets stronger this was start making more of an impact in game. Works hard defensively and usually gets back into his own zone.

RED #21 RW Ritchie, Nicholas (2014) – Ritchie scored a goal very early in this game much like the previous night. Despite not playing with MacKinnon and Drouin, he continued to produce consistently. Played a physical game en route to a two goal performance.

RED #24 RC Needham, Matthew (2013) – Cycles the puck very well and battles consistently hard. Shows good hands, shot and is patient with the puck. Very strong defensively, short handed and 5 on 5.

RED #25 RW Klimchuk, Morgan (2013) – Klimchuk got moved to the top line for his team with MacKinnon and Drouin but really struggled to get it rolling off the bat. He lost a lot of battles and wasn’t creating much offense. As the game progressed he did ok, and made a great pass to set up a nice goal. Morgan looks a little bigger than his listing indicates.

RED #26 LW Pedersen, Brent (2013) – Made an excellent deflection out front of the net for a goal. Battled hard, wasn’t as noticeable as yesterday, but still making an impact on the fourth line.

RED #30 RW Baptiste, Nicholas (2013) – Baptiste showed off his good skating ability and was good in small areas. He forechecked hard and showed patience with the puck.

RED #29 G Fucale, Zachary (2013) – Showed great lower body quickness preventing anything low from getting past him.

RED #32 G Jarry, Tristan (2013) – Makes very good plays with the puck, and made some solid saves early on.

WHT #8 LD Nurse, Darnell (2013) – Used his strength playing a very aggressive style. Very hard to knock off the puck due to his size and speed. Good puck distribution on the power play. Made a great move in the shootout.

WHT #11 LD Heatherington, Dillon (2013) – Very good skater for size and will get the puck out of harms way when there is no option. Absorbs contact well and shows a good level of aggression.

WHT #12 LD Morin, Samuel (2013) – Made a few good plays one on one early on in the game, but took a bad penalty after losing a battle for the puck. Doesn’t look before playing the puck and his turnover rate is very high. He kept struggling all game long with puck decisions.

WHT #13 RD Ekblad, Aaron (2014) – Ekblad showed effective two-way play. He showed matured strength and winning battles in his own zone. Moved the puck effectively up ice fairly consistently.

Very good two-way play, overpowering and winning battles in own zone, moving puck very well up ice.

WHT #22 LC Kujawinski, Ryan (2013) – Struggled in battles today losing some when he should have won. He got overpowered out front of the opposing net. Ryan started playing physical and showed some good passing ability as the game went on. There was flashes of talent, but he definitely had his share of struggles. Showed off a great shootout move.

WHT #24 RW Domi, Max (2013) – Won battles against bigger opponents. Showed good passing ability and creativity. Forced turnovers which lead to offensive chances.

WHT #27 RW Nastasiuk, Zach (2013) – Shows great skating for a player his size and set up scoring chances and created many opportunites for himself and his teammates. Constantly in the mix whenever he was on the ice, and one of the better players for his team tonight.

WHT #31 RW Veilleux, Tommy (2013) – Showed some decent speed but also looked timid at times as he seemed to be trying to sell it when he got hit. He was ok initiating contact, not so much with taking it.


Scouts Notes: A few minor notes for both teams; for Team Red Jordan Subban (2013) looked his best tonight when rushing the puck up the ice. Whereas Nikolas Broulliard (2013) had a little more success keeping it more simple than last night. Nathan MacKinnon (2013) showed great puck distribution and excellent hands. Although he didn’t do too much in this game. Stephen Harper (2013) battled sparingly in the corners and didn’t get into position to get his powerful shot off. As for team White, Anthony Duclair (2013) pushes the puck up ice with great speed and puck protection to set up the first goal which was scored by Sam Reinhart (2013). Same went hard to the net and it paid off. Jason Dickinson (2013) made a few nice plays to set up some scoring chances. He had his moments in this game, but wasn’t quite as good as yesterday. Curtis Lazar (2013) lost a lot of battles and didn’t really do much offensively.