August 4, 2012, Team Red vs White (Canada U18 Camp)

A game report from Team Canada U18 camp. Video included. RED #8 LD Morrissey, Josh (2013) – Morrissey is a very smooth skater who moves the puck up ice quickly. He is so calm and composed when rushing the puck,

[sociallocker] especially out of trouble but doesn’t force plays. Reads and reacts to plays and situations extremely quick anticipating plays very effectively. Lightning quick decisions with the puck on the power play helped keep the pressure on the penalty kill.


RED #10 LD Bigras, Chris (2013) -Chris may have shown the best combination of defensive and offensive play of any defenseman in todays scrimmage. Offensively he moved the puck up the ice very effectively and moving it well in the offensive zone. Defensively he stuck on his man extremely well. Whether it was one on one play, or along the boards and he did this on a very consistent basis.


RED #13 RD Subban, Jordan (2013) -Got frustrated on the ice at different points of the game with the extra physical play and the pushing and shoving, he appeared visibly affected by it. Made some good passes, and showed he has one of the stronger shots from the point of any defenseman in this camp.


RED #17 LD Brouillard, Nikolas (2013) -Very smooth skater, rushes the puck extremely well, and is fearless when pushing through small spaces. Tries to force fancy plays on the power play which burned him and got picked off against this type of talent. Didn’t adjust and kept trying the same things expecting different results.


RED #18 LW Drouin, Jonathan (2013) -Drouin is a great skater and extremely elusive. He gets a away from contact so well along the boards, at one point he evaded about three checks, but then threw the puck away with a no look pass. Very slick passing ability especially on the rush. Did a good job of getting back defensively when the other team is set to push the play up the ice. Put on a great shootout move at the end of the game.


RED #19 RC MacKinnon, Nathan (2013) -Didn’t take over the game, but was easily one of the best players. Constantly an offensive threat every time he entered the offensive zone. Great skating ability, exceptional hands and excellent puck control ability. His hockey sense is extremely high and he sees the game very well. Pretty equal between his ability to pass and shoot and he has a very powerful shot. Nathan made defensemen look bad when they went after him as he easily stick handled around opponents. Sometimes plays with his ability will try to do too much but he did a great job of making some excellent plays while not forcing plays that weren’t there. Has an excellent shot


RED #21 RW Ritchie, Nicholas (2014) -Nicholas really made an impression right off the bat. He showed his power along the boards and in the corners, while roofing the first goal of the game. He kept it simple when in open ice with good positioning. When he’s along the boards or in the corners he punishes the opposing players as much as possible. He crushed several opposing players hard and clean throughout the game, however he did give out a pretty bad hit from behind taking one of the few penalties in this game. Ritchie went to war with Darnell Nurse for the better part of the game along the boards and in the corners.


RED #26 LW Pedersen, Brent (2013) -Powered through two defenders close to the wall so effectively, protecting puck, created scoring chances. Goes to war along the walls and wins a lot of battles. Crashed the net hard took up space out front, quick on rebounds, banged home one goal with net presence. Skating has visibly improved. Pedersen was one of the most consistently effective players of anyone in this game.


WHT #8 LD Nurse, Darnell (2013) -If today’s performance is a sign of things to come, then it’s safe to say Darnell has really improved over the summer. He was constantly engaging physically includuing an ongoing war he had with Nicholas Ritchie all game long. Had his moments where he rushed the puck effectively showing very good speed for his size.


WHT #13 RD Ekblad, Aaron (2014) -Ekblad was one of the better defensemen throughout the game. He was effective defensively shutting down forwards, but he wasn’t overly physical. He moved the puck up the ice extremely well, and knows when to push up the ice himself.


WHT #14 LW Duclair, Anthony (2013) -Great skater with outstanding speed, Anthony handles the puck very well at top speed. He made some puck playing mistakes in the neutral zone which lead to scoring chances against. However in the offensive zone he moved the puck very well showing great patience.


WHT #23 RC Reinhart, Sam (2014) -Very good offensive instincts, forced turnovers and was aware of his surroundings in all three zones. Has a powerful shot and is especially dangerous on the rush.


WHT #24 RW Domi, Max (2013) -Doesn’t quit on plays and plays with a lot of determination. At times early on he tried to do too much himself with the puck not willing to pass at times he should. Eventually he corrected this and made some nice set-up’s in the offensive zone. Max is very elusive and showed off his powerful shot and good vision. Later on in the game he got upset in a battle and two handed a player on the red team around the ankles. Max was the only player to take two penalties in this game. Showed a very good shootout move after the game.


WHT #29 RC Garlent, Hunter (2013) -He disappeared through atleast half of this game, but when he was on his game he was all over the offensive zone forcing turnovers, landing hits, covering for the defense and creating scoring chances.


Scouts Notes:

Team Red was clearly the stronger team posting a 3-0 shutout in the first of three scrimmages at the Team Canada Ivan Hlinka Selection Camp. Zach Fucale (2013) and Tristan Jarry (2013) combined for the shutout, however neither were tested too much. For Team Red Madison Bowey (2013) did very well being paired with Josh Morrissey. They moved the puck smoothly and cleanly between the two. He also showed good skating ability in all directions. Stephen Nosad (2013) wasn’t a big standout, but he showed consistent work ethic, finishing his hits. Carter Hanson (2013) skates fairly well for a big kid with a power forward frame. For Team White, Zach Nastasiuk (2013) continued to show how much he’s developed. He has a power forward’s frame, protects the puck well, and shows strong skating ability. He created offense for himself and others a few times this game. However on the negative side both Kayle Doetzel (2013) and Samuel Morin (2013) both really struggled to keep up with the top skilled players of Team Red. Kayle constantly got beat one on one and lost his positioning, whereas Morin kept trying to get too aggressive in 1 on 1 and 2 on 2 situations, went after the forwards and kept getting burned. Both struggled with the concept of trying the same thing over and over expecting different results.

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