Chicoutimi Saguenéens vs. Victoriaville Tigres November 24 2012

CHI #17 LW Tremblay, Simon (2013) – He has very limited skills with the puck and didn’t show much in terms of speed. He plays more of a defensive game on the third line. He didn’t catch my eye in terms of intensity and physical play either. His work ethic is all right, but nothing out of the extraordinary. He did some good work on the penalty kill late in the game and was able to score a goal. He doesn’t profile…

as a “draft worthy” prospect.[sociallocker]

CHI #19 Tremblay, Tristan (2013) – Plays pretty much the same style than Simon Tremblay, but on the fourth line. His speed prevents him from playing a better grinding game and using his big body more. He didn’t get a lot of ice time and there is not much to be said about his game. He could become a good defensive player in the QMJHL with more speed.

CHI #27 D Dauphin, Laurent (2013) – He started the game very slowly and I got to see very little of him with the puck until the second period. Then he picked up the pace and showed is great ability to control the game and slow it down. He doesn’t have overwhelming hands but he’s comfortable handling the puck on the move and he can hold on to it for long periods of time while the play develops. I particularly liked his vision and smartness on the ice. He reads the play ahead of him very well and he is able to find open ice where to skate or teammates to pass to. He finished the night with a lucky goal and two assists. He didn’t blow me away with his offensive upside, but his passing play is precise and the puck possession aspect of his game is very good as well. His skating is a little bit above average but his game doesn’t revolve around it. I also liked his anticipation without the puck in all three zones: he is in good place to receive pucks and to create turnovers in defensive or neutral zone. His anticipation compensates for the lack of physical play or puck battle that he didn’t display in this game.

CHI #32 C Grégoire, Jérémie (2013) – First and foremost, his skating looked awful. He tries hard and moves his feet a lot but he just can’t get that explosion. His top speed looks to be average at best. It prevents him from playing the hardnosed game he likes to play, both offensively and defensively. I got to see very little of him with the puck but he did the small details well. He positioned himself properly in the offensive to fire shots from close range and was very intense in his physical battles behind the net or along the boards. He’s extremely strong and won most of them. He gave some hard checks as well and I saw him driving the net hard a couple times. His hustle and intensity still makes him a valuable player, but his skating could prevent him from being drafted as he is on the inside looking out right now.

CHI #39 D Tremblay, Carl (2013) – Started off the game with some good puck moving. He skates fairly well and made some good decisions moving forward with the puck. He played an honest overall game but he had some difficulties with his defensive coverage. His ice time also diminished in the second half of the game. On one occasion he was beat for a breakaway and he never saw the play develop from the offensive zone. He was alone at the blue line and the play developed on his right but never saw it and he couldn’t catch up. He displayed some all right tools in this game but I don’t view him as a legit prospect.

VIC #3 D Diaby, Jonathan (2013) – Diaby played an almost mistake free game. As always, he used his long reach and body to be extremely effective. He reads the 1 on 1 situation correctly and adapts really well. Even when he was beat wide, he made some good pivots and kept following his player around the net to prevent him from doing anything. The one glaring mistake he made was with Dauphin coming at him with speed and he had to hold him, which resulted in a penalty. He also displayed his underrated hard slap shot on the power play tonight. It takes him some time to wind-up, but when he does, it’s a very hard shot.

VIC #12 C/W Rehak, Dominik (2013) – Rehak had about three or four shifts in this game playing on the fourth line. Displayed his speed on a straight line once but that was about it.

VIC #22 Rhéaume, Michael (2013) – Recently called up by Victoriaville, he had his moments in this game. He was bounced between lines and didn’t get as many shifts as other forwards, but he showed excellent speed. The 5’8 forward can outburst his opposition when he has space and he did just that on a breakaway for a nice goal. He struggled when he had pressure on him and he wasn’t able to use his speed, making some questionable decisions. He precipitated his decisions and gave the puck away too often. While is speed was impressive, is size is a big issue and he didn’t impress me enough for now to mention him as a legit prospect.

VIC #34 D Beaulieu, Anthony (2013) – He made some good plays defensively with his long reach but also struggled handling speedy forwards. He had an up and down kind of game. He looked particularly bad with the puck, where he takes a lot of time to set up before he can take any decision or make any play. I believe he lacks too much to be considered as a prospect.

VIC #57 Veilleux, Tommy (2013) – Tommy opened the scoring with a goal. He took a slow shot from far away and when we all thought the play was dead; he went to the net and insisted numerous times on a shaky goaltender to slip the puck past him. I didn’t really like his hitting game in this one. His timing was off and he launched himself into the boards more than anything else. He also got himself out of the play quite a few times by going too hard for a hit. He did connect a couple of times in the open ice but that was it. I liked the hustle he put into it, but I think it was more useless than helping his team in this game, especially with the penalties he took.