Vancouver Giants vs. Moose Jaw Warriors Nov 28, 2012

Nov 28, 2012

Vancouver Giants vs. Moose Jaw Warriors (WHL Regular Season)

VAN#1 G, Lee, Payton(2014) Held the fort of the Giants for much of the night. They were outplayed for much of the game and couldn’t generate any offensive chances. Showed off his flashy glove hand all game long. Liked the way he battled through traffic this game. Let in a soft first goal, but did a good job to bounce back from it. Above average rebound control, but could not do so on the second goal which was ultimately the game winner with 5 minutes left in regulation. Very quick on his feet and moves laterally well. Difficult to see him lose the starter job anytime soon.

VAN#16 RC, Popoff, Carter(2013) Hard working centre had a good game for the Giants. Made a number of good defensive plays to help out his defensemen. Showed a lot of determination along the boards and fighting for loose pucks, but his lack of size was often a factor. Shifty along the boards, but does not have great speed in open ice. Showed that he lacks offensive abilities and intelligence. Very ineffective on the PP as the slot guy and could not find much open space.

VAN#44 LD, Geertsen, Mason(2013) Steady defensive defenseman who, other than his goaltender, was the only player that really showed some kind of intensity on the Giants tonight. A good skater given his size, but could not stir Morgan Rielly to the corners off the rush on the second goal against. Other than that, was difficult to play against. Was very physical, but also did a good job to stay disciplined. Liked his defensive awareness in this game. Stayed between the dots on the PK, and only chased if there was an opportunity to get to a loose puck. Made good, smart outlet passes all game long as well. Limited offensive abilities.

MJ#19 RC, Point, Brayden(2014) Agile forward who had a bit of an inconsistent game tonight. Played a ton and received a lot of time on the PP but just could not get much going offensively. Needs to work on staying on his feet along the boards. Too easy to knock down. Size is definitely a factor. His lack of reach makes it difficult for him to protect the puck. However, his offensive abilities are definitely evident. Looks confident with the puck on his stick and possesses good vision. Needs to add more speed and grit to his game to ever have a chance of becoming a pro.

MJ#23 RC, Gore, Bryson(2013) Two way forward who played a good game tonight. Liked the intensity he brought to the game. Did not let the lack of size be a factor to his game. Looked strong along the boards and was able to come away with the loose puck a few times. Threw his weight around often as well. Does not have elite offensive abilities, and all of his chances offensively came from pure hard work. Has a nose for the net and is always around looking for rebounds. Played well without the puck as well. Stayed in good position in the defensive zone and took away passing and shooting lanes effectively.

SCOUT’S NOTES: This was not a very good game for both teams. Morgan Rielly of Moose Jaw was by far the best player on the ice for both teams. Such a fantastic overall skater. Had some issues handling bigger opponents though. Payton Lee was very good, but just could not make the 2 stops that he had to for his team. A little concerned with the drop of Jackson Houck’s performance. Lack of speed makes him ineffective since his game is largely based around physical play. Had no chance to hit Rielly behind the net or get to a dump in first. Really liked Mason Geertsen’s game. Only player on the Giants that seemed to have a pulse tonight. Vancouver had 3 good scoring chances tonight, 1 which they scored on and 2 that were breakaways. The team looks extremely disinterested. Disappointed with Brayden Point’s performance. Needs to be stronger and much more quicker. A little surprised that he’s been able to put up the amount of points that he has so far.

FINAL SCORE: 2-1 Moose Jaw