NHL Draft Ranking Release News

Hockey Scouting

This past 11 months has been very unique for all of us and that will continue this month.  As many of you know, we had planned on releasing an updated NHL Draft ranking at the end of this month. After multiple ranking meetings this week, we have decided to slightly delay that ranking release.

The reason we have decided to wait a bit longer before releasing is to allow us to watch a handful of players a few more times. As we made our way through meetings on Thursday night and especially Saturday afternoon into Saturday evening, a small group players were tagged with a recurring comment. There are a few players that got started late that we wished we had a few extra viewings of before we solidify their spots on our list. This is not an issue in a non Covid draft season.

“Two weeks ago, I considered delaying our February ranking release to allow us to see a few WHL games which just got underway. I decided against it because several WHL teams would still be weeks away from playing and we don’t put much stock into the first few games after such a long layoff. Now I’ve decided to delay anyway because we want to see a few more games of a handful of players from other leagues who we think are just beginning to hit their stride. We’re not delaying to watch WHL prospects, but that will be an added bonus with our new timetable.” HockeyProspect.com’s, Mark Edwards, explained.

The draft calendar has obviously been a mess this season. That is continuing to be the case as we make our way into March tomorrow. Our plan is to now wait several more weeks to see these handful of players with the added bonus being that we will now see several WHL players multiple times prior to releasing our updated ranking. Our number one ranked goalie on our November list plays in the WHL. He’s an example of a player that we ranked very highly back in November without a single viewing this season. It will be nice to have a lot fewer players on the ‘no viewings this season’ list.

Our plan was always for the February ranking release to be our last NHL Draft ranking until we release our final ranking in 2021 NHL Draft Black Book. That is another reason we want to slightly delay this release.

If the 2021 NHL Draft is delayed, we’ll continue to update our 2021 NHL Draft Black Book until the new draft day. This allows customers to purchase our book without the fear of losing out on updated 2021 NHL Draft information.

We appreciate your patience. We want to make it clear that nobody will lose out on any content, the wait will just be a little bit longer to see it. We will be releasing some audio this month amongst other content.