Okanagan Hockey Academy vs Victoria Racquet Club Oct 5, 2012


Oct 5, 2012,Okanagan Hockey Academy vs Victoria Racquet Club (Chilliwack AAA Bantam Tournament)


OHA#5 D, Stevens, Andy Big defender had a good game in his own end. Liked the energy he played in this game. Was physical, and did a good job to keep his feet moving. Not terribly fast, but did not have any troubles with the speed of the game. Liked to stay aggressive in the play and pinched often. Needs to be better at making reads and knowing when to, and when not to. Costed his team a couple of 2 on 1s. Did not show very much offensive abilities in this game. Looks like he needs to improve his shooting skills and his passing abilities.


[sociallocker]OHA#11 C, Malenstyn, Beck Absolutely dominated this game today. Looks to be a step ahead of the game with his hockey sense and speed. Whenever he got the chance, he bulled somebody over and showed off his strength. Time and time again, made opponents look bad with his creativity and his ability to drive the net with authority. Understands that the game is won at both ends of the ice and dedicated his game in the defensive zone as well. Very quick to pounce on loose pucks and won a majority of battles along the wall. Finished off a play in the slot with a one timer, on one knee.

OHA#17 F, Koch, Davis Speedy forward who displayed a high level of skill this game. Very poised with the puck and made a number of great plays with it. When he’s on the ice, he always seems to be around the puck. Koch read the play well and made a number of takeaways. Possesses a good shot, especially his release. Not a dynamic player, but good offensive abilities. Needs to get stronger on his skates and improve his core strength. Could use some work in the defensive zone in terms to getting in the right lanes and blocking shots.

VIC #14 D, Dosanjh, Jerin Was the best player on a team with very little depth. Made a number of good plays without the puck and read the play well time and time again to make effective pinches down the wall, or back off when he knew he had no support from his forwards. Covers a large area of the defensive zone because he’s a good skater and he has a good level of hockey sense. Could be more physical and try to make more hits. Very limited offensive abilities on this day. Keeps it simple with his passes and did not take any gambles with the puck.


SCOUT’S NOTES: This was a game that was dominated by Okanagan. They had too much depth for Victoria to handle. Nice to see Beck Malenstyn keep up his high level of play and show off his abilities at all times, even when the game was out of hand in the third. Ryan Bowen of Okanagan also had a good game in the offensive zone. Made good passes with speed time and time again. Hard to imagine anybody on Victoria gets drafted in the WHL Bantam Draft this year. Many of their players are either too small, too slow or does not have very good hockey sense.[/sociallocker]