Semiahmoo Ravens vs North West Calgary Athletics Association Oct 5, 2012


Oct 5, 2012,Semiahmoo Ravens vs North West Calgary Athletics Association (Chilliwack AAA Bantam Tournament)


SEM#4 F, Berry, Spencer 2 way forward who had a solid game today. Was a good physical presence and used his body to his advantage against a small Calgary team. A good skater who always had his feet moving and making plays happen

[sociallocker]with his speed and size. Scored in this game off of a rebound by moving his feet to the front of the net and using his body to get good positioning. Has average offensive abilities, and will not score any great goals off the rush or deke opponents and get scoring chances. Difficult to play against in his own zone. Physical along the boards, and keeps his stick on the ice and is able to poke pucks away.

SEM#14 F, Evanish, Ben Hard nosed forward who drives hard to the net and causes havoc in the slot. He is at his best when he goes to the net and is creating match up problems. Made a few very good passes from the corner and behind the net to the slot for scoring chances. Displayed some good instincts with the puck. Not a great puckhandler. Will never be expected on to deke out opponents and score nice goals. Not bad in his own zone, but could be more involved in the play and be more of a presence with his body. Ability to read the play is alright, but could get to open areas quicker and be a target for a pass.

NWC#4 D, Hyman, Aaron Big defenseman who was very impressive with his skating abilities and puck moving skills. Surprised by how well he can move around the ice and pass the puck. Looked very good in all facets of the game. Uses his size to his advantage, but could be more physical, especially since he can skate back and make up for his mistakes if he is ever caught being too aggressive. Could also work on his shots and try to shoot more. Quite good in his own end and covers such a large area because of his reach and speed. Really like how he is poised with the puck and takes his time. Not overly fancy, but likes to keep it simple and make the right plays.

NWC#11 F, Kurylo, Nolan Small, speedy forward who plays with an edge. Loves to dish out hits and play a physical game despite his size. Very aggressive mind set when he has the puck and always tries to attack the net and create chances around the slot. Got a couple of penalties this game because of undisciplined hits. Could be more controlled in his play and pick his spots on when to make hits. Size was an issue in the defensive zone when he tried to take on bigger opponents.

NWC#12 C, Lawrence, Steven Another small forward who played a great game for Calgary. Was the best forward on the team this day by far. High level of offensive instincts and was able to distribute the puck very well. Deceptively quick skater, he was able to close in on opponents in a hurry and create turnovers and get the attack going the other way. Very nifty hands, and is able to elude bigger defenders with his quick skating abilities. Really enjoyed watching him make plays with the puck and be a big factor in the offensive zone. Scored off of the rush by deking an opponent with a toe drag and getting a quick shot off on net. Size is a big factor for him. He had a difficult time when he was matched up with bigger forwards and they would control him along the boards and make him ineffective. Had to be a step ahead of reading the play to move the puck quickly and take hits to make plays.


SCOUT’S NOTES: Very fun game to watch. Calgary was the better team and the score was close because Calgary’s goaltender Kyle Dumba, brother of Mathew Dumba, had a bad game in net. Gave up some questionable goals that he should have had. Pleasantly surprised at how well Aaron Hyman played. Don’t see many big defensemen his age who can skate and move the puck as well as he does. Calgary may be undersized, but they came out to play a physical game and matched a bigger Semiahmoo team hit for hit. Defenseman Carter Czaikowski for Calgary also had a good game. A small forward, but moved the puck exceptionally well and was their power play QB.[/sociallocker]