Prince Albert at Brandon Jan 6

Game Report

Jan 6, 2012

WHL Regular Season Game

Home Team: Prince Albert Raiders

Away Team: Brandon Wheat Kings

Draft Eligible Prospects Breakdown:


PA#10(Josh Morrissey) Poised, puck moving defenseman had a strong game in both ends of the ice. Offensively, the best puck moving defenseman for Prince Albert already. Whether it be with

a forechecker behind his back or going cross ice tape to tape on the PP, he did it all tonight. Did not try to force any passes. Just let the play develop and read the situations well. Likes to be aggressive and push the pace consistently. Picked his spots well. On the Raiders’ 2nd goal, he jumped into the play and caused a havoc in front of the net, allowing his teammate to bang home the rebound. Defensively, had very good positioning and anticipated passes well and cut them off accordingly. Needs to get stronger to be able to handle bigger forwards. A good skater, did get beat once to the outside and coming back on the backcheck to prevent the cross ice pass from going through. Stuck with Alessio Bertaggia, who is one of the fastest skaters in the league, step for step on a one on one situation.

PA#15(Mike Winther) Had a solid game. Showed some very good chemistry with Logan McVeigh. Biggest strength to his game is his ability to play at a high speed. On a few occasions, just blew past his opponents to get to the net and get off some good shots. Really likes to shoot. Has a quick release, and doesn’t hesitate to get pucks on net. Made some very good decisions with the puck, and created those good chances with his passes by starting the play off with moving his feet. Gets away from his check well in the slot to get open and get quick shots off. Battles hard to find some open space and free up his stick. Defensively, plays hard and stays disciplined. Challenges his assignments hard and tries to make opposing defensemen to panic by getting to the point quickly. Strength along the boards can improve.

PA#17(Logan McVeigh) 2 way forward had a very good game. Looks rejuvenated compared to his play in Kamloops earlier in the season. Plays well with Mike Winther. More of the set up guy between the two, but also does not hesitate to get pucks on net. Goes to the net hard to look for rebounds consistently. On the first Raiders goal, read the play well and grabbed a loose puck from behind the net that was created by his teammate and his forecheck, and quickly passed it to the side of the net to a teammate, who made a nice touch pass to a Raider in front of the net for an easy tap in goal. On the second goal, received a pass and quickly gave a touch pass to a trailing Mike Winther who got a shot on net and a goal was scored on the scramble play. Defensively, reads the play very well. Picked off a number of passes because he got to the area where the passes were going before they were actually made. Backchecks hard and is good along the boards. Has a tendency to run around below the face off dots. Needs to stay a little more controlled and be more aware.

BDN#2(Ryan Pulock) Had a solid game in both ends of the ice. A complete package in terms of his play. Offensively, very poised with the puck, and escaped forecheck pressure very well using his intelligence and speed. Runs the PP, and is very active along the blue line. Was quick to move the puck, and if a pass was not there, got quick shots off. Weren’t always slap shots, and was aware of the limited time he had. Does not handle the puck like a grenade at all. Really loves to jump into the play, but picks his spots. Aggressive and likes to get the transition going. A number of times he would stand up the opposing team in the neutral zone and get the offense going. Defensively, was extremely good. Very physical and was tough to play against. Read the plays well to intercept passes and get his stick in shooting lanes. Very good gap control, and was not afraid to take some chances as his skating was more than good enough to recover back.

BDN#7(Erik Roy) The other weapon in the Wheat Kings’ backend. Like Pulock, had a very good game in both ends of the ice. His play is not as polished as Ryan Pulock, but potential is definitely there to be just as good. Offensively, like Pulock was very poised with the puck and moved it efficiently. Has a very good shot. Was more of the trigger guy on the PP. Used his reach effectively to keep opponents away from the puck when he would jump into the play. Not as dynamic, but still solid. Defensively, was a physical presence, but not as quick to read plays. Had to respect opponents more due to their speed. Very good gap control, as he gave them some room, but not enough to get good shots away and make plays in a one on one situation. Skating needs some work. Overall speed and turns to be specific.



SCOUTS NOTES: Solid performance by Prince Albert to get away with the victory. Logan McVeigh and Mike Winther were flying all night. Created lots of chances with their speed, intelligence and simply getting pucks on net. They did not take much time to enter the offensive zone and get some shots on Brandon’s net. Both showed some good chemistry. Logan McVeigh really stepped up his game compared to his performances with Kamloops. Looks more inspired, and getting better ice time to succeed offensively. Ryan Pulock will be a big name for the 2012 entry draft. Already better than Derrick Pouliot and Griffin Reinhart. Has a better overall game than those two. Once he develops more strength, will be difficult to deal with for any opposing players. Erik Roy could kind of slip under the radar because of his teammate, but should be mentioned as one of the better defenseman available in 2013. Impressed with Josh Morrissey. Not as complete as Pulock or Roy, but certainly moves the puck at a high level.



FINAL SCORE:4-1 Prince Albert