RIT vs Colgate October 10th 2013

Colgate @ RIT – 10/10/2013 7pm

Colgate Raiders –

#4 Kevin Lough (D) – He is a pretty smooth skater and handles the puck with confidence from the back end. He made good outlet passes, positioned himself well, and closed gaps. He saved a sure goal when goalie got caught out of position and he sacrificed body on goal line to make save. His game isn’t high end with average size but look consistent on this night.

#8 Tyson Spink/ #18 Tylor Spink (F) – He plays on the same line with his twin brother Tylor (#18) and they together show nice chemistry. He is not big but plays a good heads up game. He picked a breakout pass up the middle at the dot in 2nd period and then quickly feed #21 breaking in across ice. Now Tylor looked a bit more crafty and elusive with the puck. They were definitely the better players on the ice for the night, feeding off each other and creating scoring opportunities. Shifty, work nice give-n-goes, hockey IQ, nice vision, can wheel with biscuit pretty good, and can handle puck as well. It is too bad these two players did not have some bigger size and strength.

#15 Darcy Murphy (F) – He is on the smaller size but plays heads-up. He works hard, finds the puck, and smart with puck decisions. Showed nice move around D-man in 1st period down off wing and drove puck hard to net for scoring chances. He made the play on the 3rd Colgate goal as found puck in corner creating the T/O and fed #26 at top of circle for goal. He shows nice wheels and skills.

#21 Mike Borkowski (F) – He scored the second for Colgate as he read the play after teammate #8 Spink picked off the breakout pass. He broke back into the zone and took the pass and quickly rifled the shot over the goalie’s block, short-side.

#25 Joe Wilson (F) – Know back history of Wilson as grew up playing with Syracuse Nationals program in youth days. He is a good athlete and solid overall skills. He made a good scoring opportunity in the 3rd period but then connected a bit later on the power play. He brought the puck into offensive zone on his left wing crossed over the slot and quickly spun-around releasing the shot off his forehand and using the traffic in front to handcuff the goalie and change the angle of the shot. He also set a good tone by making a nice early first shift hit to start the period.

#26 Andrew Black (F) – For a freshman he certainly received plenty of playing time early in all situations in the season especially. He is the son of Buffalo Sabres President, Ted Black. He is coming out of the junior ranks of the EJHL. He isn’t the quickest and smoothest skater though gets the job done. He made a nice pass through the seam to off-side D-man for scoring opp. to show his vision in 1st period. He scored the 3rd goal for team setting himself up at the top of the circle and receiving a feed from the corner and simply showed a quick release finishing high glove, short-side in the 2nd period. Overall he’s not a bad player at all as he works hard, smart, and competes.

#27 Tim Harrison (F) – You immediately see the pro-size in the power forward winger. He certainly did not receive much ice time, actually about two shifts a period. In the 1st period he made a nice read of the play coming down on a developing 3-on-2 as he made nice pass through a seam to the trailing D-man for a good scoring chances. In 2nd period he bolted across ice to knock puck-carrier off the puck but surprisingly got bounced to the ice. In the 3rd period he had an opportunity to shoot as received pass on off-wing at the top of the circle from D-man. He seemed to hesitate a bit instead of shooting quickly and that made all the difference as RIT’s D-man took advantage of extra time and stepped out to block his shot. With limited TOI, 4th line duty, and coming out cold it will be difficult to develop and produce.  (Calgary Flames – 2013 7th Round)

#29 Eric Mihalik (G) – He definitely did not get tested a lot in this contest. Very little work although when he was tested a few times, he was mentally strong and made the save. He made a good save in the 2nd period off a tough angle down the wing at the hash marks on quick release shot. It wasn’t overly difficult but more paying attention to details and properly positioning pads with leg at post to gobble puck up and not extend any rebound. Also late in the middle frame, he wisely snagged the puck out of mid-air from behind the net to elevate any amounting pressure from RIT.

RIT Tigers –

#4 Mike Colavecchia (F) – Smaller sized forward who plays with energy, nothing flashy in offensive skills. He isn’t afraid to play physical all-around the ice and threw a nice open-ice hit in 1st period that stunned a Colgate player.

#9 Matt Garbowsky (F) – He is not big in size but likes to play the body effectively, as threw some nice hits all night. He plays with good aggressiveness and shows some offensive side, but most of RIT plays were stale on the night. If had to pick top skater on RIT, he would be have been chosen but overall nothing special in the high-end with moves or puck possession.

#20 Greg Noyes (D) – He is a senior leader on the Tigers, but he looked average on this night. He made a costly turnover on Colgate’s second goal in 2nd period on the breakout pass from below the goal line up the middle that got picked off and turned into the tally.

#40 Jordan Ruby (G) – Missed the first goal scored on but looked solid in the first period. He showed good technique in squaring up to shooter and challenging as well. He was solid on a 4-on-3 PK situation as playing smart, limiting rebounds, and not giving Colgate any second chances. He made big glove save in tight to keep the tie in the 1st period. In the 2nd period, he seemed to lose his way in his technique. He started to flop a bit in the crease when pressure was on. In fact, he lost his stick on three straight sequences. He was beat on across ice feed up top over blocker on a turnover, a quick release shot over the glove, short-side from top of circle, and then a turnaround PP goal coming across the zone with partial screen. He seemed to start strong but then tail off in the end, but then again so did his team.

#2, #3, #5, #8, & #24 – All D-men for RIT looked slow, a bit sloppy moving the puck, just not crisp with passes and some bad decision making with puck. All decision making looked a step behind for the Tigers defensive core.