USA Black vs. USA Orange (Select 17) June 24, 2012

June 24, 2012, USA Black vs. USA Orange (Select 17)


BLK #3 D Florentino, Anthony (2013) – Showed some flashes throughout game using his skating to create the time necessary for options to open up. Also delivered a few solid hits.


BLK #12 F Basilico, Bryan (2013) – Bryan made several great plays with the puck to advance it into the offensive zone as well to create scoring chances for himself and others. Rushes the puck up ice with speed but takes several steps to reach this speed and it looks a bit awkward/uncomfortable in the process

ORA #2 D Heinrich, Blake (2013) – Showed great vision moving the puck up ice well, also was effective when rushing the puck himself. Delivered some good hits throughout the game.

ORA #6 D Robert, Alexander Alex rushes the puck up ice well using his strong skating ability. However seems to try to do too much at times. He moves the puck up ice well when choosing this option.

ORA #7 – Lopez, Ramon – D – 6’2” – 210lb. – 2013 Eligible

Landed some good solid hits early on. However as the game progressed he passed up opportunities to apply himself physically. His skating looks rather awkward.

ORA #12 F Corcoran, Charles (2013) – Very good skating ability, hands looked excellent at times and he used them to create offense. Moves the puck effectively and forechecks hard creating turnovers. While he looked great the first half of the game, he looked very average in the second half.

ORA #17 F Galt, Ryan (2013)

Displayed great skating ability and rushed the puck very well. Ryan has good hands and wasn’t afraid to take on defensemen one on one. However the results of this were hit or miss.


Scouts Notes: Defenseman for team black Nicholas Picinic (2013) posted some offensive opportunities moving in from the point under pressure. He also showed a good wrist shot. Meanwhile for team Orange Zachary Diamontoni (2013) who was one of the top scorers in last year’s Select 16 camp showed his ability to force the opposition to take penalties to try and contain him. He protected the puck well despite his size and showed strong skating ability.