World Junior Championship: Germany vs USA Dec 27th

Dec 27, 2012,Germany vs. USA (2013 WJHC Round Robin Game)

Prospects Breakdown:

GER#10 LC, Draisaitl, Leon(2014) Undeniably Germany’s best player on their team. Highly skilled and possesses very good vision. Quarterbacked the power play and did a pretty good job doing so. He was able to read the play quite well and dished the puck efficiently. Needs to work on his acceleration and his top speed. Really liked his strength along the walls, and was able to buy some time to let the play develop, and used his playmaking abilities to make good passes off the wall. Should shoot the puck more, and improve on his release. Defensively, still looks like he has some work to do in terms of anticipating and being in good position to prevent plays from happening..

GER#21 LW, Kahun, Dominik(2013) Good skating forward who showed some above average hands in open ice. Needs to be much stronger on his skates to maintain balance even as he gets bumped, particularly along the walls. Made decisions with the puck too slowly, and looked like he wanted to wait for the perfect play, but would get the puck taken away from him or would commit a turnover because opponents had time to get back into position.

USA#3 RD, Jones, Seth(2013) Played a strong, consistent game tonight. Made a couple of bad decisions with the puck at the beginning of the game, but he quickly got rid of that part of his game and made good passes with the puck. He took a lot of shots in the first period, then his fake slap shots froze opponents which gave him all the time in the world to make a great pass on the PP for a goal. Scored a very nice goal in the slot by perfecting locating the puck top shelf, glove side on a wrist shot. Showed off his mobility and quick feet on the blue line. He made very good use of his body to protect the puck off the rush. Defensively, was physical all over the ice, but let the play come to him. Looked poised in all situations.

USA#21 RW, Hartman, Ryan(2013) Dynamic forward who played a very aggressive game tonight. Loved to take the puck to the net in tight and create havoc. A very quick skater who was able to draw a couple of penalties because of his speed. While his team was winning 4-0, really liked the way he backchecked to break up an odd man rush. Scored a goal on a 2 on 0 by finishing off a rebound. Got more ice time as the game went on, and responded well with good play in the offensive zone using his hands and feet.

SCOUT’S NOTES: This was a game that was dominated by USA from start to finish. Despite that, Leon Draisaitl shined for Germany. By far the most skilled player in Germany. Used his body effectively and was really the only player in Germany that was able to create offensive chances. The team as a whole looked tired from playing Canada the night before. There was no push back from them all game long. Alex Galchenyuk was very good in this game. Scored a very nice goal in the slot and showed off his quick release and shooting accuracy. Also liked the way Mike Reilly moved the puck for USA. The Columbus prospect kept it simple, and skated with the puck when given some room.