World U17: Team Ontario vs Team Sweden – Game Report

December 28 2012, Team Sweden vs. Team Ontario (2013 World Under-17 –Exhibition Game)SWE #3 D Lagesson, William (2014) – Lagesson was Sweden’s best defenseman in this game and was effective in different areas of the game. He did a good job using his body to separate the opposing players from the puck and he won quite a few battles deep in his zone. He was very aggressive on 1-on-1 battles and he took a bad penalty doing it. I also thought he moved very well around the ice and he showed it by joining the rush a few times. He seems to have some interesting tools and the upside to play a solid two-way game. Skating needs work.

SWE #7 D Mattsson, Adam (2014) – Mattson is a big defenseman who showed good shutdown qualities in this game. His size obviously serves him well most of the time, even though he was pushed around a couple times behind his own net. He did a good job using his stick defensively to keep his opponents at bay. He was also effective at blocking shots. You could see he was overwhelmed at times by Team Ontario’s quick and well executed plays.

[sociallocker] SWE #16 D/C Pettersson, Markus (2014) – Petterson is listed as a defenseman and played a few shifts on the backhand and on the power play, but was used as a forward for most of the game. He came out as one of the best player in this game from Team Sweden. He looked very sharp out there and played a complete game. He is very confident with the puck and does a good job carrying it around the ice. He also showed excellent vision as he spots teammates quick and is able to get the puck to them with precise passing. He worked very hard into the slot area and didn’t mind taking a beating to stay there.

SWE #18 F Karlsson, Anton (2014) – Karlsson excelled when he had the puck on his stick and showed good abilities. He is able to move the puck forward with excellent speed and hands. He likes to control the puck and he did a good job cycling it on the power play. I wasn’t a big fan of his overall performance as he struggled without the puck and wasn’t very active with his feet, whether it was in the neutral zone or on the back check.

SWE #20 F Nylander, William (2014) – Nylander was absolutely electric with the puck. He has a great burst of speed and can be quite deceptive. That skating ability matches with an excellent pair of hands that allow him to navigate through traffic without much problem. He was at his best when he was in motion on the transition and received good passes from his defensemen. Not only was he agile on his feet, but he also showed good vision and seemed to know when to let the puck go. He showed off his good shot as well when he scored Team Sweden’s second goal.

SWE #22 F Timashov, Dmytro (2014) – Timashov is fairly small (5’8) but extremely dynamic whenever he touches the puck. He can really fly around the ice and is very agile. He has quick feet and he has great balance that allows him to change direction quickly. He really pushed it to the limit and doesn’t mind skating on the edge of his skates. I thought he tried to force things at times, trying to skate his way through heavy traffic for example. He caused a turnover at one point that could have been avoided. He is also not a force along the boards and was pushed around fairly easily.

ONT #5 D Ekblad, Aaron (2014) – I thought Ekblad was very mature the way he played and showed great confidence. He excelled defensively and didn’t mind cutting plays right at the middle of the ice when he had the chance to. He uses his stick effectively and always seems in the right position to make a defensive play. He delivered a devastating open ice hit at one point as well. He also showed a good ability to move the puck on the transition. He looked good carrying the puck, handling it with smooth and solid hands.

ONT #6 D Middleton, Jacob (2014) – Middleton played a solid game on defense as well. He was reliable defensively with some good physical plays. He also did a very good job joining the rush, picking his moments smartly. He showed good all-around mobility and took the right decisions most of the times. That paid off for him as he scored two goals for Team Ontario.

ONT #7 D De Sousa, Daniel (2014) – De Sousa didn’t get as much ice time as other defenseman, but he caught my eye with his smart play with the puck. He showed good mobility and carried the puck around very well. He did a good job spotting his teammates and displayed some solid passing skills. He moved the puck well on the blue line when his team was installed in the neutral zone and picked up a goal on a good wrist shot from far away.

ONT #9 F McDavid, Connor (2015) – It’s an absolute disaster for the other team whenever he touches the puck. He started the game slow but quickly got his rhythm back. He is a fantastic player to watch with the puck. Even though he didn’t look overly fast, he skates very fluidly and is extremely elusive. His overwhelming hands allow him to manoeuvre the puck through anything that shows up in front of it. I liked how he used his body to shield the puck and how he was able to shift it back from one side to another without losing his momentum. He also applies the same technique with his hands around the net, as he can fool the goalie in no time. He had plenty of chances throughout the game and ended up scoring a goal. He was also a good puck distributor and showed good vision and creativity to set up plays.

ONT #12 F McCann, Jared (2014) – I thought McCann played a fantastic two-way game. Even though he lacks a little bit of explosion, his top speed looked good and he was extremely strong with the puck and did a good job using his body to protect it. He was very patient and made some really smart plays. He takes very good decisions on the ice, both with and without the puck. He also showed some good hands when entering the offensive zone, making up for the lack of speed at times. He also displayed a very strong shot. I really liked how complete he was as a player and how hard he competed.

ONT #14 F Petti, Niki (2014) –  Petti caught my eye with his intensity and dedication on the ice. He was always in the mix, trying to make a play or to force a turnover. He applied a lot of pressure on Sweden’s players. I thought he moved around smoothly and started to show some nice things with the puck as the game went on. I’m looking forward to see more of him.

ONT #16 Ho-Sang, Josh (2014) – Ho-Sang displayed some very good speed in the game and great elusiveness. He was able to match his speed with his great hands to get pass the defenders. He opened up a lot of space for his team by attracting opposing players with his hands and was very dynamic offensively. He kept pushing hard even when he had pressure on him and was able to draw a penalty at one point. He seemed to be a bit selfish when he had the puck, but it didn’t lead to any mistake in this game. I’m looking forward to see more of him to see if this is a tendency.

ONT #17 Dal Colle, Michael (2014) – I really liked Dal Colle in this game. He played a solid two-way game with good intensity and brought speed to his team. He applied a lot of pressure and was a strong presence everywhere on the ice. He seems to be able to get good reads on what the opponent is doing. His skating looked very good and allowed him to be effective without the puck. He also did some nice things along the boards to win a few puck battles. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see much of him in terms of puck possession. [/sociallocker]