World Junior Championship: Sweden vs Switzerland Dec 28

Dec 28, 2012,Sweden vs. Switzerland (2013 WJHC Round Robin Game)

Prospects Breakdown:

SWE#10 LW, Wennberg, Alex(2013) 2 way forward who played on the 4th line tonight, but really made a physical presence when he did get on the ice. Very good along the boards and displayed good strength on his skates. A good skater who was able to get around quickly and deliver good hits on the forecheck. Was not able to show much offensive abilities tonight other than in the third period where he made a smart play to tip a faceoff ahead of the opposing centre, and created a 2 on 1 opportunity then made a nifty back hand pass to his linemate who was not able to finish off the play unfortunately.

SWE#14 LD, Hagg, Robert(2013) Big, poised defenseman who provided a calm presence for his team in the backend. Other defensemen on Sweden made bad decisions with the puck and committed a number of turnovers, but Hagg was able to stand out and make good passes. He did seem a little too casual with the puck at times, and in one instance in the 2nd period, he just missed the puck along the boards, which led to a great 2 on 1 opportunity. Hagg played a good physical game tonight, and just narrowly missed landing a big hit in one of his first shifts on a transition. He has a good active stick without the puck, but did let a cross ice pass go through his area which led to a goal against. Like his mobility given his size.

SWE#19 RC, Lindholm, Elias(2013) 2nd line centre for Sweden, and logged a lot of minutes tonight in all situations. He was able to create a lot of time for his teammates to get opened with his ability to protect the puck, but they just could not find an open area to go to for him to hit them with a pass. He drew a couple of penalties because of his agility off the wall to quickly spin away from his check to the net. He did not do much offensively tonight, but was able to contribute to the game with his defensive play. He worked very hard along the boards and seemed to come away with the puck so often. He blocked shots, took away passing lanes and was physical without the puck consistently. Saved a goal in overtime with his work ethic off the wall to get to the slot and tie up an opponent to prevent them from scoring.

SWI#5 LD, Mueller, Mirco(2013) Arguably the best defenseman for Switzerland tonight. Really impressed with his overall defensive game. Was able to use his body consistently to rub out opponents along the walls, and his long reach to his advantage all game long to stop Sweden’s attack. His offensive game suffered a little bit because he was so defensive minded today and he did not jump into the play as he usually does. Liked the way he used his skating abilities along the walls to make quick starts and stops, and not allow any opponent to walk out to the slot. Would have liked to see him receive more ice time.

SCOUT’S NOTES: Sweden is very fortunate that Switzerland is not a very skilled team and could not capitalize on the number of good scoring chances they received. The Swedes came out very flat, and essentially just maintained that all game long. Extremely impressed with Filip Sandberg tonight. Despite being only 5’9, he protected the puck so well against bigger opponents, and was really the only player on Sweden that played with a high level of intensity all game long. Was rewarded with his second straight player of the game award. Went undrafted last season, but if he keeps up this kind of performance, he will surely catch the attention of at least one NHL team. Disappointed with the play of Jacob De la Rose tonight. Possesses a good combination of speed and size, but lacked intensity to do anything with it. Received less ice time as the game went along.

FINAL SCORE: 3-2 Sweden (SO)