Brent Pedersen – Kitchener Rangers – 2013 NHL Draft

Pedersen was a player who we really liked in Minor Midget with the Waterloo Wolves. We expected him to be a great pick in the second round, however the Kitchener Rangers knew they wanted him and grabbed him late in the 1st round. This turned out to be a great choice and Brent has developed well with the Rangers. Brent has

a good work ethic and has maturity beyond his years. He really understands what his job is as a big power forward, and this has made him effective as a 16 year old. Brent does a good job of keeping it simple, getting the puck deep and chasing it.

He battles hard along the boards and wins a lot of battles for such a young kid. He is a home town boy for the Rangers and we really noticed him feeding off the crowd with his energy level. He likes to finish his checks whenever possible and is already effective in doing so. When he has the puck in the offensive zone, he’s a shoot first player who has a good, hard release and when he doesn’t have the puck on the rush, he always goes hard to the net. Pedersen is a player who takes good care of his zone and has a lot of potential to be a real breakout player for the 2013 NHL Entry Draft. Not many are talking about him and we believe that will change within the next 12 months.