Pictou at Cole Harbour Feb 25, 2017

PIC #3 LD Martin, Hunter (2019) – Played the most complete game I’ve seen from him this year tonight. The theme of the night for Pictou seemed to be finishing hits, and Hunter was determined to lead the way, he made the game more difficult for Cole Harbours best players, not allowing them to simply skate around him without taking punishment. Aside from his physical game, he was consistently creating chances for his team all game with his speed, skill, and a dash of creativity, his hands are deceptively quick for his size, and his wingspan makes it very hard to get the puck off his stick when he wants to create a play. His passion and compete were channeled in a very positive direction tonight, and never seemed to turn to frustration. He still has a very north-south game is and could use to slow the play down at times, or walk the line to change his angle.

PIC #28 RW Hart, Gavin (2020) – Every aspect of the diminutive forwards game is quick, from his feet, to his decision making. He plays with a great deal of energy and quickly gobbles up any lose puck near him and takes off on the attack. I was impressed how he seems to have really learned to play around his size, at one point not only using his body to protect the puck but also using a back-checker to boost off of to get speed into the zone. He has a good release as well, but was shut off the score sheet tonight.

PIC #25 LD Haight, Jackson (2019) – This player showed tons of maturity tonight, he’s become a responsible shut-down defenseman for Pictou. He’s a fine skater who knows where to be on the ice, did a great job intercepting passes and tying up sticks all night. Shows a lot of toughness, willing to take hits to make plays, he’s reliable with the puck in his own zone. He rushed the puck a few times tonight, but he certainly seems more comfortable in his own end, and his shot selection was a bit suspect, at one point shooting into a block right in front of him that sent the play the other way.

PIC #26 LW MacInnis, Riley (2020) – Speedy winger who plays a two-way with lots of energy. He’s a good penalty killer, and can quickly transition into offence with his speed. He does a good job finding cross-ice passes and not turning the puck over, usually puts the puck on somebodies stick. His skating stride is very awkward tho, cases him to skate with his head a dangerous low for the style of game he plays, and makes it difficult for him to make tight turns.

CHW #9 LW Peach, Bailey (2019) – Dominant performance by from Peach tonight, Pictou struggled to contain his explosive speed, especially in the first. He thinks the game at a high level, he seems to know where the puck will be at any given time before anyone else on the ice. Scored a highlight reel goal, stickhandling the puck from the circle before quickly snapping it into the top of the net from about 5 feet out, elite release and elevation.

CHW #10 RW MacArthur, Dylan (2019) – Usually a defenseman, played as a winger tonight, displayed some good energy and physicality that had been missing from his for a while. He was effective with his speed and energy, chasing down pucks and creating chances. His hits are explosive, often lifting players off their feet.

CHW #12 LW/C Brown, Cameron (2019) – One of the most improved players for the wolfpack, he’s big bodied center who plays a very no-nonsense game. When he gets the puck, he gets it deep, he’s strong on his skates and protects the puck with his body, and is tough to stop when he cuts to the middle. Scored a prototypical power forward goal from 2 feet out, cutting out front and jamming a puck through the goaltenders pad and the post.

CHW # 14 RW/C Francis, Ryan (2019) – Francis played his typical game tonight, he’s a playmaker who works incredibly well with other skilled players. He worked the half wall on the powerplay, he’s very mature and poised in that position, he uses the whole wall and rarely stands in one place. Mentally, he’s always a move or two ahead and seems to know what he’s going to do with the puck before he gets it. His passes are quick and, and although he has the ability to dangle the puck for ages, he can also make quick one-touch passes.

CHW #19 LW Kidney, Liam (2019) – Strong game from Kidney tonight, he’s a 200-foot player, he’s an average skater but his smarts allow him to get ahead of the play. Was able to ice the game into the empty net by opening a pass behind the Pictou defense.

CHW #20 RD Hartt, Damian (2019) – Played a very responsible all-around game tonight, he’s a good skating defenseman with a good stick and poise with the puck, he made a nice little play to spin off of pressure and break the puck out.

CHW #17 RW/C Phinney, Ethan (2020) – Pictou had trouble dealing with Phinney in the offensive zone tonight, He’s a strong powerforward who likes to take the puck to the front of the net. His skating could use some polish, his first few strides could be more explosive and his edges stronger to carry his heavy frame through tight turns.